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    My opinion about this new system:

    The difference between golders and non golders getting pretty obvious. It is way to overpowered to give every village a reward system that increments every hero level.

    For example I settled a village, bought 500 gold and within 1 hour it was maxed out with maximum production. Just by spending reward rescources in the village I earned another reward that payed for a new reward.

    The hero is useless nowadays with everyone having it over level 50 and maxing out fighting strenght and rescource production.

    This new update might be intended to let new players develop more quicker, its resulting in that gold buyers are more overpowered then ever before and making the gap even bigger then it ever was before.

    Please bring back the old system like it was before.

    Day 15 on a 1x speed server, 4 villages and not even more then 1000 attack + defense points ->