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    A little girl as a leader in a war game was like a joke. I have never seen such crying about cheating so much. Even hit residence by luck, even rebuild 3 chief in 6 hours, even use gold and push to finish the construction are regarded as cheating. Its hard for me to commite on such ridiculous view.

    As for the idea pay to win, to some degree its right, we need to take regions by incorporate troops. But you guys made a big mistake. TM has also spent a lot, the total size of the troop incorporated by TM was no less than MAD.
    In the last fight between Mad and TM, TM incorporate more than 500k troops in 3 region( gribe、ammong and emporiae), however, all these troops were walled only after they take down one or two village within one day. I have to say that the perfect Defense organization was the key for MAD to win.
    And what about the situation when MAD incorporate troops to TM or SYN'S region?I am sorry to tell you guys that we are only faced with the standing deff in that region, and everyone saw the result.

    I know I should attach some report here to prove what I say, but sorry, I am too lazy to find that, and the leader of TM, espeicially the planer would know all what I said is true.

    Finally, GG TM, I am glad to meet so many excellent player like Mirmytoni Zeus Poseidon and so on( but no ETERNAL TEAM) .They are really good, especially Zeus, I hope you guys can get stronger help from support staff in next serve. Good luck!

    -------------------------by Rainfall on Genghis khan