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    is it worth it to chief 200pop natars or any natars?

    also, how much pop should a village have (player village) to be worth chiefing?

    okay i want to play as a defensive teuton, but the thing that bothers me is.... why are paladins so weak? they are slow, they cost a lot, they have very low defense/attack...

    they are the worst mobile defensive unit in the game... cant they get buffed a bit? maybe reduce their loot capacity and increase their defense with 10/10 respectively from 100/40 or ... at least 5/5 ... they are pretty much useless in my opinion, but maybe im just a noob and i dont understand some of their advantages, so.. enlighten me please, how do i use them better?

    am i the only one who thinks that the archers should have higher defenses? at least its logical, put them up high on the wall while defending and they should be equal to a phalanx in defense.. something like 50-40, but in my opinion archers in defense is great... could lower their attack or i dont know.. tweak them around a bit, their defenses are a joke which is weird imo...

    is it decent enough to work? it will definitely not be the best, but is it decent? im thinking about trying it out, spamming mercenaries+marksmen :hun01::hun05:, if i raid a lot it should be okay, right?