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    That would completely ruin certain strategies. You might send a fake with hero and someone would open your hero profile and notice he's on 100 points on def and res, which would potentially indicate that as a fake attack, thus ruling out the option of it being a potential threat.

    The other issue is, you can't tell apart Tier 1, 2 and 3 shield, map, standard, pennant, horn and pouch just by looking at them, so making enemies see the difference there would also be a bit annoying. Not a life changer, but still not really something you want the others to see.

    Sure one could change the point distribution last second on the way, but that's not really a viable option to keep switching and wasting books just for fake attacks.

    Thats how Travian makes a fortune. When we exchange gold for silver. Exchanging silver for Gold is stupid.

    Im finding it difficult and pointless to raid unoccupied Oasis's. There are too many nature troops.

    Im tired of spending all my gold trying to buy Cages to capture Animals. And when my Hero attacks an oasis the health % goes down. The only recommended use for an Unoccupied oasis to capture it as its costing far to much gold to capture troops.

    Are we not meant to raid an oasis or what. It seems travian only cares about how much money your spending on gold. An unoccupied oasis can kill all troops and a hero if we raid it without using Cages.

    Either make Cages cheaper to buy in the Auction or reduce the amount of Nature reinforcements. Its an absolute scam to make people buy Cages just so they can raid an Oasis.:(

    Why? The only reason I see is you want to login at certain time. This does not give any advantages to the game, they want you to log often and give advantages to players who logs often.

    It shouldnt matter if im not logged in all day. It takes a very long time to upgrade buildings and troops so there really is no point in staying logged in. Its hard to raid another player when your lower level than them. I started on the 29th of may. So im behind when it comes to upgrading and building troops. I dont have the advantage to raiding. Im logged off while my resources grow. I use master builder gold to upgrade resources when im offline. While im waiting for my resources to grow I have nothing else to do but wait for a adventure. So there would be nothing wrong in logging off until the Advenutre is ready. resources take a long time to use, There is nothing else to do while im waiting. I cant raid unoccupied oasis because I have to buy cages to remove all the nature troops. And there is not alot of resources when I raid an unoccupied Oasis. There is nothing else to do while waiting for resources. I cant raid another player for resources. Im waiting on the hero to go on an adventure to gain resources so i can upgrade. Whats the point in being logged in when there is nothing to do.

    Hi. I thought it might be worth something if we could look into Hero Stats when viewing a Players Profile. The Image of the Hero can be clicked on which takes you to another interface that shows the Hero Stats for other players. We should be able to scroll over the Heros Gear in a new Interface to see what Gear they are wearing and see the total stats of the hero including the gear. Viewing another players Hero Statistics could be available for all players with or without being part of an Alliance or only by members of an Alliance. Ive posted a image of My Hero below

    Hero in Profilehero_body.php?code=3500df05e903d0075d1ba00fb80b7417000000006700000007002b004c0058005e00&size=profile

    Hi. Could you allow Adventures to have a Spawn time. I would like to see a timer that tells you when your next Adventure will Spawn.

    What do you think.