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    As a rotational leader of the Chinese Team, I really enjoyed fighting with Poland.

    I have to say; they are the strongest in ML.

    They have the stamina to against us from day 30 to day 100.

    Unfortunately, we had a clear target and enemy, so we made an agreement with IT and focused on ML.

    If not so, who knows who will get the SE BP at the end.

    Rather than fighting for WW, we are the group more enjoying in hand to hand combat.

    And we all indeed have fun in this Final.

    Next time, we might appear in you or your quadrant ^.<


    Mysterious Challenger

    Who am I? None of your business.

    MAD had diplomatic relationships with a lot of alliances, PB too. However as such we never took their assistance nor did they ask of us.

    There is a little mistake here.

    Yes, MAD didn't ask for help.

    But MAD help PB to walled TM's hammers many times.

    My druidriders died a lot.;(;(;(

    So short, huh.

    This is my first time see people who can’t afford to lose. If they can't win, just blame on others ‘cheating’.

    Why we are leading?

    Because our alliance have a strong organisation. Good response to the defence call and great teamwork. We have many experienced players and new players who are enthusiastic to participate. Everyone has the same purpose: to win this server.

    We have lots of players(including me :p) who have been defeated many times in other servers. And we just keep learning the skills from our old enemies to make us more stronger, instead of saying others cheating.

    The most precious thing is as Abby said.

    We have adorable teammates. We help each other.<3

    If you say those ridiculous things can make you happy, just say it. The truth is, this won't let you win anything, it won't make you stronger or better.

    The last thing I want to say is:

    finding solutions leads to success; making excuses leads to failure.:*