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    I purchased gold on April the 4th last year and then I tried transferring the remaining gold to another account on the same country domain, namely the international server. I did not receive any gold transfer link and consequently, I just gave up playing. A few days ago, I decided to start playing again and I checked my gold balance in the first account which was a substantial amount of gold. I tried making a transfer again but I did not receive any link. Then I decided to make another attempt and made a support ticket about the issue. After some correspondence, I know somebody has stolen the second account(I'm playing on a third) since it's registered on an email address which I have never seen before and it's not mine.

    Most likely, my old account must have been hacked and I assume that gold transfer link was sent to an email address which is not mine. When I wrote about the issue with the email address to the support, they replied I must email them with the email address which is not mine and therefore don't have any access to. They also referred to the GDPR law and claimed they were hindered to investigate the matter because of that legislation. GDPR only restricts how Travian Games share personal information so I don't understand how that prevents them from investigating an issue with a stolen account. They can still confirm the identity of the owner of an account without having to share that information with any other party.

    At the moment, it feels like I might as well stop playing for good. It doesn't feel safe to provide them with any banking details when they are so lax on security matters. Instead of just replying they can't investigate, or my link has already been sent to whoever it was sent to, they could get back to me and ask some confirmation questions or anything else they would need to investigate the matter. I do understand they might have a process of validating my claims versus the logs in their system... but they didn't seem to bother despite me clearly informing them the email address which they had doesn't belong to me. Sad that such a fun game is having such a weird support team.

    I just wanted to update my issue since it was resolved today. I appreciate the man from the support team who has been helpful throughout the process although I wish Travian took security matters more seriously.