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    9201836016d8c15f160bcb90777418a9 why you gotta be so rude? Funny video though.

    No, I was planning on playing with a small dutch group but seeing as there will be more tech account than actual account we will skip and play another.

    Welp, can't help it when the Turks and Arabs play. Just gotta take it as part of the game.

    With so many pre-mades coming, it's gonna be fun. ITx just started I believe.

    Group B Artefacts Distribution

    The general overview makes it seem like the Czech/Slovaks are slightly in the lead with 21 artefacts, Lithuanians and Winter both with 19 and Power with 18. Overall, it is rather balanced between the 4 metas but is it really so?

    Looking at the important artefacts, it tells a different story. In large/unique architect, Winter dominates with 3 of 5 available, including the UA, making them a front runner in securing their WW. Both Russian metas are also ahead in the storage department, allowing their members to build GW and GH faster. In the trainers department, Winter and Power are slightly behind, securing only 1 and 2 small trainers. However, with proper rotation, I believe Power will not have much problem with building WWKs. Winter on the other hand seems like they will have a difficult time if they are unable to steal any trainers. Should the Lithuanian and Czech/Slovaks prove to have good rotation of trainers, I believe they will pose good challenge to the Russian Metas (even though I don't think the Czech/Slovaks will have a chance at building WW). If Winter is able to put their Unique Diet to good use, I believe they are the front runners to win the server right now.

    I've omitted R-n-R, Walkers and Spinx from the list as I'm not certain which meta they are working with. I'm told that the Russian Metas don't take qualifiers seriously but are doing very well despite that. Which meta do you think has the advantage currently?