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    -Quick start - what's wrong with that? Do you prefer to have one village and wait whole week for resources? after 1 week with protection being removed - you'll have way more fun than during classic server.

    -Limitation is perfect, otherwise if you'll register one hour after server start u wont get any crops.

    -Limitation of using the map, are you trying to compare with WW type servers? its same like trying to compare basketball vs football.

    -The adventures give rubbish? How many adventures you've completed? If only 10 - then obviously u wont get any weapons

    I just gave my feedback :)

    When I make 20 ashes and right after that I want to npc for more troops, the crop gets 0. After refreshing and using npc it's correct.
    Same with buildng troops in general: The res is accounted for after a refresh. This is very confusing.
    Isn't there a function of autorefresh after building troops which is switched off?

    My feedback: I don't like this game very much. I think the original Travian is much much more fun to play.
    What I do't like:

    - The quick start
    - Limitation of the first given settlers
    - Limitation of using the map (regions/closed regions)
    - The adventures give rubbish (only resources or silver, no weapons, no other attributes, except the horse and pouch of the thief).

    For me this Codex Victoria differs too much from the original game, so I won't play it when the real server starts.

    It seems that I receive double or even tripple rewards by upgrading the warehouse to level 7 in the two extra villages. Or is it normal to receive this reward in all three first villages?

    The resources going to the heroes inventory is very annoying.
    I used to check my warehouse before collecting rewards and I still have to. Only thing which has been added is more clicking :(
    Ok, advantage is that I can choose how many recources will go to the warehouse, which still is all resources... this is Travian remember? We're always short on recources :D

    Another disadvantage of the resources stacked with the hero is that I have to send my hero to another village if I want to use the resources in another village than my hero's.
    In the regular Travian I select the village which I want to have the resources in and then I collect the reward (more applicable in the daily rewards).