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    start working on where it really counts

    If you are referencing our lackluster performance in game i'd like to point you back to the 2 uniques SGR kindly handed to us for free.

    this of course does not take away from TEN's win today with the UF, but come on, if I were in your shoes I wouldnt be coming here to gloat after how your show of skill with your arties.

    Grats to TEN for the UF steal.

    A few days later and you little girls still crying about numbers, next time bring more warriors to the battlefield and shut up.

    we did, then you cried that we were over recruiting and concluded you still need SGR to hold your hand to win

    As an individual player in TEN, in MY opinion, I'm not seeing a benefit - We just let SGR use UT but haven't yet given us anything in return (diet please!?) But I've been told that winning the server with 700 player meta is the #Benefit

    Id bet some of your players are parking in diets, they just don't want to be open about it because "ItS sTilLL a 1v1v1"

    Sounds like a storm in a tea cup, vices having the lions share of artefacts ofc sgr and ten ll will try to maximise use of artefacts they have.

    Man I kid you not, I thought you may come up with something along that line, but to claim this isnt merging is plain comedy. (Not that I mind you merging. it is obviously your only way of staying relevant after your exquisite performance on arties. just need to honest enough to admit it). But in case you actually can explain the difference between a merge and "sharing hammer data, preforming joint OP's and sharing arties" and "merging" ill be happy to hear it.

    all WWrs ghosted

    Your wall got zeroed 3 times. 3. times. While you held UA (held, mind you. not used) for reasons known only to your obviously extremely experienced WW holder. He knows so much about WWR's in fact, that he managed to help 50k rams vanish in his cap.

    Yeye we got it that you like Sanket, we couldn't care less. Make yourself friends from your own meta, you have 700 players to choose between.

    Didn't you leave this server on day 40? C2I is a massive cheater, same as grim and anomander rake. It doesn't matter if you micro raid occasionally, these guys raid private farms or allies. If he never cheated on a server before it does not make him an honest players on com1.

    Can you provide evidence for C2I cheating? (high raid numbers isnt proof of cheating, its proof of activity)

    Why am I not surprised vices have gone from pedestrian to there usual unsavoury methods in game and on the forums, unable to stick to any suitable guidelines. I think I need to prepare another gold medal for these wannabe ninja turtles..

    Spamming gold, tech accounts and multies is not a skill to be proud of. Most I've spoken to about it already seem to have enough brain cells to see why a merger may be necessary, especially if your not willing or able to use and exploit the same level of grey areas as vices do. And you can thank vices for that.

    I'm not a fan of merging at all its a diplomacy option I prefer not to play and I'm usually one of the first to advocating a team win on there own merits. I'm also not foolish to realise when it's required out of necessity. Why even waste time playing a lopsided server, or creating a meta to do just that, where is the fun in that?

    Did you lose UA because of our techs and cheating? No, you lost it because you didn't defend it.

    Did we get the UB because of our techs and cheating? No, you lost it because you failed to clear it.

    Did you lose the UE because of our techs and cheating? No, you lost it because you didn't defend it.

    your failures this round have absolutely nothing to do with any cheating and/or techs, they have to do with 1 account outsmarting your DC's.

    I can't belive someone manages to lose Unique Eagle Eyes when the attack was on the way for 24hours, what's going on over there? TEN and Lowlands might actually be worse off by merging to SGR

    man its really sad to see. Vices clearly use techs to steal enemy uniques. no one knows how but its probably all because of the techs