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    Dunno I saw a fair share of shady business on the PTP2x, but was pretty fun at least for me after not playing for 10 years. I hope this one would turn out same way(the fun part i mean)

    And how many more banned accounts did you see on the server?

    In fact, I doubt that anyone is interested. Usually a ban of specific accs is of interest to those who wrote a complaint. And who writes complaints to us? Someone who does not like to look for problems in themselves and their inactivity.

    So, please pay attention that 4 villages have already set up a half of the alliance. And I assure you, everything was done according to all the rules. Moreover, I will say that accounts Vitamin and BuT also did this without any violations

    Oh please I even got told yesterday from a friend that on the RU server his neighbour was playing 15 accounts for payment from russians , i rofled so hard

    People get banned either coz they're guilty or coz they get triggered and flame someone

    But I do agree, the purpose of this as a game is to have fun

    Oh here's what I think of this mode:

    being 1x on a server that is practically made for troops rampage (with that hospital building) is going to end up being really frustrating. I really hope the main server would be 2x or 3x as we had that other survey previously.

    Now to the main Issue.... PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE separate the buildings and fields button...... IT IS SO annoying that everytime I have to click and load the page twice to go where I want to.. Not to mention that hero button on the left that I always click instead of the field one as a habit of how they used to be aligned. Atm the design look more of a design for cooking game than fighting game with that chocolate theme.

    I'm so happy you lived in peace

    lul ? :D:D ofc we were living in peace with 2 alliances based in our base regions that we fought against since week 1 till few weeks ago when we managed to clear most of them. Not to mention That teuton player of yours(forgot his nick sorry) in phili that was bugging us for super long time.

    Dont know what you guys are even biting each other about, but regarding the 1st post in this thread, TKW tried getting in touch with most alliances, no1 bothered to team up with us, so we just played on our own without any new ppl and with minimal space to breathe, somehow we survived.

    Had fun with my teammates, so i'm relatively satisfied with this round.