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    Congratulations to M.L and HIT players for the win. This has been one of the best and strongest finals. Despite being in a war zone since the beginning, we managed to stay motivated and work hard to the end.

    I would like to thank all our Arab players and leaders for their efforts in managing the winning W.W and making many great WW hammers. Even though we had many step backs, we always focused on the target.

    I would also like to thank our allies for working very hard on the Center and near WW. They fought many great enemies and still managed to support the WW with a great number of defenses.

    Thank you to all the players for your confidence and for respecting our strategic choices.

    our lucidity led us to victory

    Arab teams:













    ML-FR PT





    Special thanks to our HIT friends for their support and their great defenses. We managed to come out from big fights and make the best strategies that surprised all opponents and took us to Level 100.

    It was a pleasure speaking to you all those long nights Simone. You are a great and an honorable leader and I am proud to have you as a friend

    Your WW Hammer do not wanna play anymore or why do they delete?

    Yes there were some disputes between players and they didn't want to play anymore. It's their choice and We don't have WW hammers. We only have some small armies to attack enemies. We are not that good don't worry about us :D

    FPX is not with MC my friend. There are 2 Chinese Metas. The one inside -/- is different than the one inside -/+

    you are dense he means chine MC/ONYX/NB3/POD from SE. It's your friends which you send deff,share villages with them. ml hardly take 2 bp

    Yes thank you.

    I Am talking about MC/ONYX/NB3/POD

    Not about Chinese from -/-

    can i ask you, how much golds have you used ? im very curious sorry :osd:

    Just a few

    haha, I think he build Golden Army by using gold lol 8o:D


    It's my secret plan.

    I dont think so mate, Russian meta and Chinese meta are not same side, they attack each other, how did I know? that's secret mate ;)8o8)

    Then why did MC players ran to band-f alliance and some more when we sent mass attacks against them? They went inside their alliance to attack them right? :D

    Look at how Russians and MC On the border with us farming and building hammers to attack us. Strangely they are too close to each others but both of them attack us who are 30-40 squares away.

    Check some of your information again.

    Since day 1, M.L are fighting Chinese, New Italians, Brazilians and Russians.

    Russians are helping Chinese with farms, defences and organise attacks together against us.

    Many MC players went to Russian's alliances for defences when we attacked them.

    Most TOP 10 raiders -players and alliances- all the time are from Russians, Dacia and Uollas. only few M.L

    Check the top 40 offensive and defensive alliances on the server and check how many M.L alliances are in there.

    We don't post reports here but that does not mean it is quite in here.

    That's your explanation for everything farms farms blah blah blah.

    You got me!! I raid all my team. Check how much I raided this week. :D:D:D:D

    Did you actually do a research about my alliance? :D we must be doing something great to have your undivided attention.


    You really do not know what you're talking about. I left 15c and 9c to my team who are playing Egyptians. I have a place on the map for me I will not leave even if there is no much 15 available. It is called strategies and commitment to to your goal. There is no point of me taking 15C or 9C with a my Gaul account when my team can benefit more.

    We dont really care about qualification. It is just a waste of time and no Meta is playing with even half of their strength. It is just a chance to try new things and get keys. My thread was deleted because I talked about the ban and that was the reason. Yes bots are against the rules and that's why MH deleted many accounts. Some players broke the rules and they were punished and they deserve it. No one is complaining. However, this is between them and MH and it is none of your business. If you think any 1 in the top10 raiders is breaking the rules, you can simply report them to MH without crying here. You started this forum for maps and statistics, so why don't you keep it that way.

    My team has the biggest alliance in the finals and I am their leader. It seems that Travian and the community agreed on what you call "techs". This game based on team work, but surely a person crying for attention like you would not understand. Maybe next year you will find a team to shelter you and do something important instead of trash talk other players. Just stop the jealousy kiddo.

    I keep getting accused of this. I said that before and I would say it again for the last time. Most Arab teams didn't not play tournament and the ones that played had their accounts working on bots because no one really cared about the Tournament they only wanted a key. There were many accounts that are abandoned by players and yes I did raid them and they helped me make the biggest hammers for fun. As you know this is not a violation of rules now. You can see that in this final, I am not on top 10 raiders or even have Multis. I am playing defensive this Final. Many accounts were deleted because they were banned using bots. I know this is a violation of rules but players did not want to waste time and money on tournament. The goal was to get keys for finals. If you check many players did not have 10 villages but they were qualified on def or off 100 rank. In addition, many key were gathered from WWs in Arab server and Top 10 off and def. Each were giving 5 keys. There are players who have tech accounts just like all other big Metas have. The last time I checked this is not against the rules now. So, I would appreciated if you stop making accusations. I appreciate and thank you for your efforts in this thread and the statistics you wrote were helpful. However, If you don't like how the rules are now or how the game is structured just stop playing no one is forcing you to play.

    I remember when you told me that the MH banning you was a mistake and they were giving you your pop back. You're about as funny as your pop chart. Quite a few dips and straightlines of "inactivity" :D


    Did I not get back on top?

    Did I not get the biggest empire in the server?

    All great people face challenges on the way but only noobs like you quit before reaching their goal.

    MH banned me for using bots and I did not use any. buy again I do not have to explain my self to anyone especially you. :D:D:D

    The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.

    go cry to MH dont annoy us here. If you are sure that we are cheating go report us. Stop crying and annoying us like a kid. You lack the knowledge of travian strategies. Anyone who is successful and do better than you is cheating. YES YOU ARE THE BEST PLAYER IN WORLD AND NO ONE CAN BE BETTER THAN YOU WITHOUT CHEATING :D


    Stop crying in the forum and complaining about cheating and killing troops for defensive points etc. If you do not like The way many players play go find yourself another game. If you want to play here you should accept everyone's method on playIng. As long as no one is violating the rules, they should do whatever they want. You did not spend 1 minute of your time in their village or even spent 1$. Therefore, you have absolutely no right to speak about others. Grow up kid

    I understand that you feel strongly about the rollback but I can tell you here and now that it is worst to get your account removed. I also invested quite a lot of money in it and getting weeks of work and triple didgit money figures just deleted like that, is a nightmare. I think the people with deleted account got it worse.

    I have friends that got their account deleted as well. Some players and I am one of them, we want our purchased gold to be transferred to another server since we do not want to continue in the same server because strategies are exposed and this would effect the outcome of the game