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    I agree a 1000% The game is completely ruined.

    I don't agree with that at all. Just because a few quests are hard to accomplish and needs a little bit more work on developer's part doesn't mean the game is unplayable. Travian was always a waiting game. If you can't bring yourself to wait 9 hours for settlers to settle then don't send them 9 hours away. there's always stuff to do and check in travian. But yes advanced start may not be new player friendly on all accounts but it was never meant to be. Yearly travian round is mainly aimed at veteran players as something to look forward to. New players probably don't even know it exists.

    Just now i got one equites Caesaris as a reward from adventure. This is so stupid please make it so that it has to be at least 2 or then not being possible to get eq. caesaris so early. I can't even create a raidsquad out of 1 eq. cae

    I feel there should be a period of around 5 hours or so before you can settle new villages. The advanced start makes it so that everyone has 2 villages about to go off and this means if u pay attention to games tips and quirks you are already late from that 150% cropper. Everyone rushes that gold club, finds that cropper and uses their resources to send 2 villages there. Then they are confused with all the new stuff because they clicked through all the hintboxes to get those new villages going. They will have no resources no plan what to do next and confusing U.I. to work with... If it was made clear for everyone from the start that they can't settle new villages before 5 hours have passed. Then they wouldn't feel like they are in such a rush and can actually pay attention to the actual gameplay first.

    Full VR-immersion into the life of a slavedriver of a teutonic tribe or a clay digger in the clayfields. or maybe even cropfarmer. that would be the stuff.