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    This is a tournament. Do you want to play a tournament? Play the qualifying server. Clear rules. Also, you won't play the Davis Cup final just because you want to try it. The mistake is that the invitation is not tied to email

    Lol this comparison is ridiculous. The notion of tournament final is not necessary tied to qualification. There is the regular qualification and way to play final directly and that's the reason while wild cards were created because they understood the need of of offering opportunity to people that did not play qual to join ( sounds logical to me but if some are abusing it's them but if they don't have wild cards they will qualify more accounts and their issue is solved lol). We are not doing a sport, we are playing a game but we will agree to disagree as we are not looking things to the same angle. My point work better for travian and players and alliances that wants to try without having to wait a year. We are playing a game, not competing our lives.

    For what you are saying about tying code to email lol. Let me answer this by some questions. What if the email no longer work (hacked, lost etc..)? What if the player just made a mistake on the email and want to use another one? Travian doesn't have time to be treating those little issues so it's irrelevant in my opinion.

    MB: there is too many hypocrites as 90% are doing multi accounts and some criticize multi account but have some nice scripts.

    I have to be honest with you guys by saying players that asked Wild cards to be reduced have no clue of what they have done and are putting themselves in a tough spot.

    If your goal was to make sure that cheaters have less resources, well you wrong as they will find always great strategy to have their multi accounts ( no need to be great actually, just qualify some accounts and that's it.) In the other hand. Some alliances that play fair will often want to try this server or will have new members that did not play qual and they won't be able to.

    Get over it and just play.

    I just brought some of my colleagues and after putting all of us our email, we only receive one and they all good players that could have bring some fights for one coa against another one.

    When you play a strategy game, you have to observe all angles and balance the consequences. The new roles of 4 alliances and def was in my opinion good enough to put a balance.

    NB: the funny thing and now I am talking to TRAVIAN, Mr community Manager: I have been offered wilds card for money which I won't do and same goes for my colleague. Because There are people that want to play final and there is not enough Wild Cards, some are selling it and what do you think it does to the image of final tournament? Selling Artefact, etc was good enough and now some merchants will build nice multi accounts on quals to do business on final. Such a shame.

    Anyways one day you will know as this is going to discourage more new players and there will not be easy to bring a full alliance in the final if they didn't play qual...

    Good luck for the final.


    I am use to play qualifiers and Final but too a break of 2 years. Now I am back and try to gather my team and we are each doing contest to be able to participate.

    Tournament server is very charming because of it's diversity. We meet lots of people coming from everywhere and by working together or against each other, we chat and learn a lot about others. The speed x2 is fantastic ( not too slow and not too fast.). Also the battle for WW become more interesting and that requires a perfect organization and put together tremendous strategy.

    That's why I am back at it.