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    I had never heard of it before I started but I was told about it by someone who was suffering with mental health issues and the GP recommended it to gain control and perspective. Most people I met in game back then were not gamers first but people out of work or suffering long term aliment who needed a pastime they could manage. Not like now, i think Travian's player base has changed considerably over the years losing many of those people, and as previously mentioned cost is a major factor. I know very few people playing the game these days, it's quite starchy and untrusting.

    Wow, that really may be the real thing.

    South of Edinburgh, Scotland. I was at the coast today, Bass Rock, it was once fortified, and a prison, now it only has a ruined chapel, a lighthouse, and a lot of wild birds, so many birds that their poop turned the rock white

    lmao about that rock, but the overall scene looks wild. Have you enjoyed the place?

    Wow, impressive. And by the way, where did you take those photos?

    Jeez, 13 years. That's just mindblowing. Tell us, is it still interesting to play Travian for such a long period of time?