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    We are trying to follow up all bug reports, but it's almost impossible to check things when you do not put full screenshot including all the information, and no info about the ingame nickname.
    These 2 information are very needed as we cannot really check stuff when we do not have an example to see logs :)


    Why wasn't that told us in the first place?

    I don't agree with that at all. Just because a few quests are hard to accomplish and needs a little bit more work on developer's part doesn't mean the game is unplayable. Travian was always a waiting game. If you can't bring yourself to wait 9 hours for settlers to settle then don't send them 9 hours away. there's always stuff to do and check in travian. But yes advanced start may not be new player friendly on all accounts but it was never meant to be. Yearly travian round is mainly aimed at veteran players as something to look forward to. New players probably don't even know it exists.

    Well, offcouse you dont have to agree with mee or other players. BTW I play the game about 11 years and I love the regions, it is even better and not as boring as the 'normal' one, but I don't like this one "yet".

    I agree a 1000% The game is completely ruined.

    I am noticing that the resources I have been collecting from the task list are disappearing at a random rate. I have used only 750 of each but keep collecting to save them and move on. I was at 6k wood last night now I am at like 5374. Is that a bug or did I miss that the res in the hero inventory would deteriorate over time?

    look in the hero's inventory. you can collect just in the town your hero lives in, want it in another town? move the hero around.

    I remember a server with a big cookingpot (dont know the english name) with al kind of things, even wood, clay, etc. If you needed things in village 1 you went to village 1 and took it, needed it on village 3, went there and took it, without using the hero.

    Maybe bringing the cookingpot back just for the resourses is an option?

    Right now the bonusses you get from village 1 you can only use it in village 1 by sending back the hero.

    It's not how it should be.

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    I especially see a disadvantage in the times when you raise buildings further, I am someone who wants to continue playing, apart from that a region x1 is simply useless, if you want to push a village 2 regions away it will cost you half a day, and you stand still more than you can play
    Apart from that, because nothing really yields anything but the costs are enormously high, you can't get any further, only in your hd you can go over the lvl 10, and where you already had nice production on the ptp server on lvl 15, you now have lvl 30 fields needed, which is so much more expensive, apart from the waiting times. And in your sub-villages the production does not get along at all.
    So if it becomes an x1, I will unsubscribe from this
    The only way to keep a little pace on an x1 server and to have fun is to spend an incredible amount of gold. I know travian likes this, kind of dairy cow for money. maybe I nag, but I play to play. not to look at my screen and have to wait 10 hours or more. I think it is a good idea that the travian developers themselves will play along, and see how terrible this is.

    I agree !00%

    I think the biggest mistake in this beta is that the resources are level 5 with a low producten.

    Normaly when you have reached level 5 on all of your resources you allready have a lot of your buildings already build.

    Now you start with a village with just the same building as normaly, the mainbuilding.

    Instead off having a quick start it slows you down.

    Second mistake is the gold reward.

    It is nice to start with 100 gold, but we are testing for TG and we should not have to by gold ourselves.

    During this beta there should be gold avaleble all the time, as a reward for all the help TG gets.

    lol then that is a risk that people make....
    last comx server i kept sending to arties and every arti i sent to, was taken 10-30 min before i landed...
    so i produced about 80k eaters for naught.... half of them in big barracks...

    the price we pay, in order to recieve the best prizes... sometimes it pays off... others we fall in bigger debt for no reason...

    i know, but playing a beta and finding all those faults (don't know if that is te correct word) is also a risk you take, Therefore .....I already told you that. ;)

    i agree that everyone should be expecting issues ... but think about it this way... if u do build strieght to 3rd villa fast... and the other 2 are far away... ur missing 10+ hours of resources from lvl 5 fields so u would be missing more then 1k resources per hour...
    meaning after 10 hours i will have lost 20k resources compared to the 3k resources u lost .... =/

    So, i am going to mis al that to couse my settlers had a 6 hours walk and now they have to walk back another 6 hours and than tommorow another 6. Damn, i'm going to mis a lot! Now you made me cry. :(

    lol most people here are just sad they are missing out on them special resssssss

    worst part about this is that i only now noticed that if you do 3 villas... its hard to get to 4th villa CP

    I missed a whole lot of resources because my 6 settlers came back because other settlers were quicker, thats how i lost al lot of resourses because my warehouse en granery were not big enough. And right now again 3 settlers are coming back but i'm not crying.

    Its part of the game, aspecialy in a beta version.