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    the big thing is we are so used to having the fields and towns on 2 buttons, but now this toggle button is a mess to use.
    try to go town > map > town
    or town > reports > town
    or fields > message > fields

    see its a mess, sure there is the workaround if finding the tiny X on whatever is open, and clicking the tiny x does take you back to where you were,
    but we all click for town or click for fields without thinking about it, we're that used to doing it that way and want it that way

    one more suggestion, make the settling of the villages 2 and 3 not need resources to send them, instead of giving resources after sent
    the reason is if someone do not send the settlers as they spawn, but instead start a MB, WH, GR then they will not have the 750 ea to send the settlers and will have to wait until they have it before they can send.

    after they killed the natarians defending a Wonder build site, the Hero found he did not have plans to build a wonder, so it remained on level 0.
    as time went by, the hero kept doing what heroes do, so he went on quests, only this quest was in the wonder village, and then he uncovered scrolls..

    only these scrolls was ancient Roman scrolls, titled "Codex Victotia"
    and it contained forgotten wisdoms that would even astonish the smart people

    one of the concepts was merging of confeds, allowing up to 240 members in a single easy to manage alliance and adding together the bonuses accumulated by the merging alliances
    this great feat requires but a Academy lvl 20, Embassy Lvl 10 and a Palace lvl 20
    and any joining alliance would need a Embassy lvl 20 to achieve this merge.

    other wisdoms in the scrolls suggested that security options for alliance/confed that could limit the alliance /confed to only use sitters within the alliance / confed

    one more wisdom is that artwork must be enjoyed freely without limiting yourself to one artwork a day, because such a limitation would not be in your own best interests.

    and then there's using a bucket on a hero that's being revived, just in case you happen to get a bucket after reviving the hero

    what's that? increase the amount of building space in a capital village by 6 spaces? what? why did no one think of that, that must be the best wisdom yet, just think of actually having space for cap only buildings and those extra warehouses and granaries that always show up in a cap.

    oh how marvelous these scrolls are,
    the hero took these wisdoms and wrote it all in public for all to marvel at and everyone was astonished at it
    and Codex Victoria became known as the scroll that started it all

    or did the king of the time read these wisdoms only to burn the scroll and make sure it fades from memory?
    only time will tell

    Ps. just one key will do thanks :)