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    Had/have a bug likely with the hospital. I was attacked and troops were counted as able to be healed as they should in the hospital, however my troop count in the village overview went nuts and displayed thousands more troops than what I really have of the two types I could heal in the hospital. Once I qued all the troops of one type in the hospital, the troop count of that type went back to normal. Also worth noting, the fictive amount of troops was/is counted in the statistics general tab, which displays the offensive and defensive points of the fictive troop counts.

    The troop count of the second type of troops is still bugged, since they have not yet been qued in the hospital. In case you want to have a look at the effect of this bug my ingame nick is: Joli

    I think that a lot of the confusion around the tasks is because of not being used to have them relate to two different towns, like the warehouse one. Warehouse 7 was for spawn village while warehouse 3 was for new village

    As is also apparent in the post from GreyFox above, I only have one task at a time shown in my new village instead of two

    Also, a way to see all tasks not yet done (and their rewards) would be great. That way it would be easier to plan the tasks you want to focus on first

    Having a weird UI thing happening: When I am looking at the Willage Overview, then the resource content is displayed wrong in the upper UI. An example: In the troop tab if I have my third town selected on the right then up top it shows the ressource content in my second town, if I swich towns on the right while it is still open, then my first and second town both show the ressource content from my first town. This also happens in some of the other tabs, however the towns that are switched are not the same in all the tabs, they differ.

    The quest to build level 7 warehouse does not specificaly state that it has to be completed in the spawn village, like for instance the iron mine to level 6 quest. Building the warehouse to level 7 in my second town did however not gain me completion of the quest. This is confusing, since I was able to complete the build barracks quest by building it in my senond town. Building it that high without getting the quest reward for doing so is going to set me back quite a bit.

    This is the wording of the quest:

    "Upgrade your warehouse to prepare yourself for settling a new village. Your current storage capacity won't be enough soon to afford the required buildings and settlers"

    Since I did not need to build the required buildings and settlers in my spawn, this really needs to be rewritten.

    Also the quest should really state quite clearly if they can only be completed in the spawn village, if that is how it is intended for them to work.

    Sometimes simple is better, with it translating into Book of Victory from Latin, now an even better question is weather this codex will tall us what Victorias secret really is

    I would not mind having 5 keys to the Beta server