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    Second claiming that we used all quads for def when we didn't kind of is shittalking.

    You could be right about def. Probably didn't get any def from IKEA/GOATS quad ^^ so technically not "all quads", but I believe you did get some sort of help from GOATS, so... he's not wrong about zerging the whole server.

    All you want to do is be a **** again and respond with something to troll the person who wrote that, eventough everyone know what he meant. :D

    Then you ask why I keep coming back to you... oh, young Anze... so desperate for any kind of attention.

    Who pointed out that Goats leaders bought multis with real money for their own purposes. The same ones which Jay claims were deleted techs and their own choice.

    My original point was that buying ready accounts to play with TOR is not teching.

    I probably should have quoted that as well, but this thing on mobile is not the easiest formatting-wise.

    Well, all I wanted to know is how else you pay for them since he stressed "for real money". Is there any other currency in circulation?

    I'm not arguing whether russians multies were used or not. There was very little room left for doubt there.

    Yeah but based on the fact that we were raiding them more than they were, until we received an IGM from the owner of the main account from said multi without the sitter signature kind of makes me doubt that statement. A tech account that early in the game does not stay afk for 10 days unless it's played via TOR, in which case it's not a tech.

    I just don't believe him 🙃

    You don't believe Saravan? Because that's whom I quoted. The rest of your message is lost to me.

    Anyone that calls out vices or dnd tactics as dirty can only be telling lies, according to Anze.

    Nra players are a self confessed authority on how clean the game should be played. Just look at how Anze can single handily enter any zerg alliance at will and bathes in honor daily..

    On how to play, on how to speak, on how to behave... true role models and poster boys of the travian community. We all saw it on discord lately. How they boast about when they think that they have the upper hand and how low they can sink when they get slapped in their face. But all that would not be an issue to discuss here if they weren't trying to lecture others on right and wrong.

    If he said so he was lying. Only Dirty played with Pascal on Dirty express. And then 2 server back Dirty decided to switch to SGR. So it has nothing to do with the whole story.

    Why would he do that? I mean it's your word against his. You have no proof. You can't be sure if he played or not if you weren't there with them.

    See you don't have any facts. The public chat was created by Scientist and not Dirty. Dirty didn't play on Clubswingers, but he had his own acc named Dirty (was tech for Clubswingers, then he left). Boots were given back by Yoshi as far as I'm aware yes. And I didn't have any part in boots being picked in the first place, so yes I'm a stranger to this kind of things. And when Clubswingers decided to switch it was only Stratos left on that acc, a player with no relation to anyone from before.

    So yes, it's you who keep twisting things around as it suits your agenda.

    Scientist bragged about playing on Dirty Express. Are you saying he was lying? And he was the one who gave the boots and quit right after that. Stratos stayed a little longer and then switched sides and launched on SGR.

    Ahhh that must be dirty, the guy who joined SGR even before that server and didnt actually play Clubswingers and definitely not when Clubswingers switched. Only Stratos was on acc when he switched. And as I said I didnt have any part with this boots stuff, and they were given back instantly. So no, it's not even close or comparable. And no, I don't mind losing, but I mind when people do stuff like Gunners are doing whole server long. And why do you always need to have a say in everything? You never have all facts, just half stories that you turn as it suits you. I don't understand how can you even support Gunners in this? If someone played against you like that you would be ok with it?

    They were given back? ^^ He was not on the acc? Everything was in the public chat. All the facts from getter can be checked. Reports were shared. Of course, he was also the one who created that chat so maybe it was all cleaned by now. I do know the facts, but you blatantly twist them and invent stories to cover up your schemes. But you know what they say about karma... And I'm not supporting Gunners in any way. When did I say it's ok what they did? I just find it funny that you cry so much about it when you're no stranger to that kind of play either. Only thing is, this time you don't have slackers on the opposite side.

    Former vices WW holder played in SGR? Who is that? only person who was dissatisfied and switched was Clubswingers and the boots were given back to SGR. Also it has nothing to do with me, I didn't even know boots were taken. Also get the fuck away from me and stop the obssession to always just wait for what I do/say and do something to counter me. Get a life bitch. You are old and should be wise, yet you act like you are 15.

    *Hope you see this before I get banned

    Yes, I saw. Reported too :S You proved once again what a nice boy you are when you are losing. Dual on Clubswinger said himself that he used to play on Dirty Express. In a way he bragged about it. I wasn't lazy and checked gettertools. Guess who was ww holder for Vices. Maybe, MAYBE, you didn't know, but you never complained about the way you got the boots and kept playing there until the end. So why ask from others something that you're not willing to respect yourself?

    Are you seriously still crying over how you lost an artie yesterday? This looked a lot like last com 1 when your team was gifted the small boots after ex-Vices ww holder who for some unexplainable reason was playing in SGR decided he was "unsatisfied" there. So it's ok as long as you are the one getting the arties? Take your own advice and find a mirror. And clean your face while at it. Balkan boys don't cry.

    who need to do well on arti day when you can just have plants ?

    Exactly. Play smart, not hard.

    Who needs to raid when you can trade route from techs?

    Who needs to build off for arties when you can get them for free?

    Who needs to waste time on training def when you can just go to the "enemy" and use theirs?

    Just remember to scream "zerg!" right after :S

    As for the other tagging seems to work better then tagging Ticker, somehow you always reply a lot quicker :P

    Haha, I knew you'd mention that. I check here often when I see something interesting happening on the server. So don't need to tag me at all. If you do, do it properly. You seem obsessed with other people's names and nicks. Yet you still hide your own.