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    Aww, they removed my post ?( TG doesn't approve of popcorn? Was gif of bad quality? I posted from phone so maybe that was the reason. Oh well... I see I made a good choice to stop playing. I'll keep an eye here just in case things get better :S

    I don't understand this need to unnecessarily complicate things. It's a game. It requires some skill of course, but you don't need a degree to play it. All you need is a will to play and to mingle. And that has always been the strongest side of travian. The players interaction. Especially on international servers where you get the best diversity. I have never had issues with finding answers or people to help me with a question. You have alliance chat where you can always find someone willing to explain. Do you have a/holes too? Of course, but do you think they won't show up on beginner's servers just to mess with new players? Instead of focusing on diluting the numbers per server, maybe they should work on making the stable gaming environment. Because I honestly don't think that they are losing players because the game is too challenging. On the contrary. With this setup, you get months and months of doing practically nothing. Especially if you are willing to spam gold. If you are willing to learn and step up your game, you have more than enough time and opportunity as it is.

    Nov 25th? ?( Seriously?

    Although it doesn't concern me personally, I believe that prolonging com1 restart is the least they can do after all that has happened with that server. Give people a chance to calm down and recuperate. Otherwise, the smallest glitch could cause a huge backlash.

    Hmm, I wonder who is turning out to be pathetic with constantly returning and posting to a thread about irrelevant account. Insignificant to me means not worth my attention. Yet, you go beyond your way to prove how "unbothered" you are with Anomander. And with every post you make, you fail in that. By the way, you should add more to your repertoire, you are repeating yourself.

    The thing that puzzles me is why are you so bothered with this post. Because it got more atenttion than your dominance on the server and finally your win? We stole your thunder? Is that it? Nobody cares that you won because travian players don't have respect for this magnificent strategy of yours. I do agree that it is very effective. Put everything of value to a safe place. Bore everyone around you to death so that they practically forget that they are even playing on the server and then send fast ghosts to feed your ego and boast on forum. Maybe it would work if we didn't have so many servers and then attention would have to be focused on you. This said, I must add that a big part of responsibility, if not the biggest, is on your opponents who know your tactics very well and allow themselves to sleep. Neverthless, it is VERY efficient. Why are you failing to gain respect then? Maybe because people come to the game to actually play and not just sim pop/troops the whole round and troll on chat/forum? :/ And I know you will now use the "we did ops this round" card. And for a team that had 1 (one) op/server I can understand why you find that to be a big deal. You improved. You even had results. Why, oh why no one cares? The mere fact that you have to point out that YOU DID OPS THIS ROUND is enough. It's travian ffs, it goes without saying that you have ops. ^^You should try to look from someone else's point of view sometimes and maybe then you'll understand why no one pays attention. Attention you crave so much.

    My other option is that you simply can't stand to read anything positive about SGR. As a team who is so goal oriented and is here to win no matter what I can only assume that you can't understand why are there people still defending those "pathetic SGR losers". Because they are SGR. They accept diversity, they stay positive no matter how bad the situation is and they just refuse to disappear. Was I happy with every decision they made? Hell no! They are slackers after all 8):) But still I'm glad I played with them. And would play again if only the game was worth playing.

    The complaint was that people from SGR is trying to see Villians as the cheaters & SGR are the saints in reality both abuse techs.
    (Alot of people including myself don't like hypocrits)
    If you can't see that you have your head very deep down in the sand & it's no point to argue further.

    Anomander benefitted from storing resources in their "techs", but gathered the resources themselves, and, was in fact, meant to prove how ridicolous the teching is if taken to their max (well, baring that they were actually raiding actively, instead of just getting res from the techs like your WWKs). And guess what? Villains spent literally the entire round complaining about "Anomander Fake".

    ...because the issue we're discussing is tech accounts (in case you forgot, which it seems).

    The account had 2 cousins helping it: No One and Lady Winter. We are allowed to have 2 cousins with all the duals on the account, no? Sorry to burst everyone's bubble accusing us of raiding hundreds of tech accounts.

    The complaint was that Anomander was using some 100 to 150 techs if I remember correctly the number. How do you even come up with such numbers is beyond me. Hypocrites? Why would we post this on the forum then? Oh, right, selfjerking, autofellatio... etc. Again, where do you come up with such things? The setup was screaming "techs" of some kind. Yes, they are still tech in my opinion. But are they really? Some of you argue differently. You're making me wonder now if we even used techs. Anyway, we opted for storage + def techs. Seems there's quite a number of types to choose from. To be honest, although annoying at times, I don't know how I would survive the whole server without raiding. What do your wwk's do with all the free time? Seriously, from what you are saying, your techs do all the work, while excusing their teching with not having enough time to play. Why do you even need to come up with excuses if everything is legit? Also, since your interpretation of the rules approves real-people-techs and obviously receives full support of Travian Games, I don't see what are you still complaining about here. In your eyes, everything is a 100% legit. You should be happy. Instead, you complain and complain. You really are hard to satisfy. Also, I don't remember that anyone from SGR who's active on forum (Obi, Wishmaster, Batman) ever said that SGR is completely tech-free. But I do remember them saying that SGR techs are looked down on and still in minority. Unlike Villains/Vices who take pride in this and try to make it look like some kind of genius master plan. Is it effective? Yes. Is it boring? Yes. And what is the purpose of a game? To entertain. I guess the good old "One man's trash is another man's treasure" still applies here. I can't guarantee for how long though if SGR wishes to compete with you in the future. If they decide to stay on com1 just to preserve tradition without too much hope for win, then maybe... Or they will just have to keep trying to find the right partners. The thing about SGR is that it has a lot of old school players who remember the game from when it was still fun. That's also the knowledge they try to pass to their less experienced players. Because they do accept people with less or even no experience. And that's what I like about them. That is also the reason they continue to lose players. Not because SGR sucks, but because the game sucks. I myself am deeply disappointed with what this game has turned into. I already mentioned that I haven't played for years and gradually learned new rules of the game. Now that I've seen them, I don't want to waste anymore time on this. I do plan to stick around in SGR chat rooms because even after everything that happened this round, they managed to keep positive atmosphere. So, good luck to everyone. You made your choice to play the way you play. If you are enjoying it, nothing anyone says matters. And in my opinion, Vices should be thankful to Mazzi that he still wants to return. Unless your goal really is to have the server all to yourself.

    Love you too <3

    You are too awesome for me to be mad at.

    Go through my posts... and go through let's say... Batman, whish, obi, la mala posts. Then we can talk about our posts Ah no, you dont' read all the mud your mates love to write.

    I don't read mud. Period.

    I'm forced to read it now since I'm personally affected. I have no intention on going through the whole forum. Are you actually trying to spin now that Vices are nice and kind and well-mannered angels? If you have time, check Tinky (always in my <3), Alcoholic Duck, Firestrike was it (?), and my apology to all whose names I forgot...

    Or for someone trying to kill our troops?

    What troops? Your troops? Account appears on inactives list and gets scouted. If there are no troops, it gets raided. Sometimes it happens that troops show up later. Sh*** happens. You move on. I just said that it happened a lot more often close to Vices territory so we avoided them.

    Have you read any of the posts your team mates are posting? Or you think that you can throw mud at everyone and just expect them to play dead? Or you made yourself so cosy on the forum since most SGR members are refusing to even read the forum and simply can't deal with the actual discussion?

    Oh, you do have problems grasping it! Interesting.

    It was supposed to be WWK, but not necessarily a record breaking WWK. If we were obsessed with troop count as you are trying to spin this whole time, we would not be risking so much and raiding the whole map. We avoided only "inactives" close to Vices because they tend to be spiked more often than the rest. The fact that the server was so under raided helped massively with queuing and sharing resources with others. And after we unexpectedly got small diet close to the end, it became too easy.

    The fact that we never were attacked, never starved and managed to stay until the end proves that it's invincible.

    Another thing you can't seem to grasp is that not everything on the forum revolves around Vices. The post was made for everyone to read. For a group that keeps stressing that raiding isn't one of their interests, you guys are paying too much attention to a hard core raiding account that could not be of any help for your future plans.

    Until fnx decides to show up again, I'll try to give rough idea about these details and hope both of you will forgive me for meddling in your conversation.

    I sincerely hope that this will appease your curiosity until more detailed explanation arrives.

    I guess I wasn't of too much help. Or you need to go through your notes again. We don't seem to speak the same language. Or just wait for fnx (grab a book - a BIG book while waiting.)

    I can't help you with politics since I couldn't care less about alliance/server politics and I wasn't paying attention to that.

    I'm asking about Tonz because before quitting he bragged about building 2 (or 3) WW at 100 this round too :)

    I never met Tonz. Never spoke to Tonz. And from what I've seen so far, bragging is his best skill. But you know him better. So it's up to you to choose who's story you'll believe. You asked questions and keep trying to transfer the blame of being selfish on Anomander. For a moment I thought there's someone in Vices willing and capable of reasonable and open conversation so I tried to answer the best I can. My bad. We said all we had. People playing with us know how selfish we were or weren't. Good luck on your next server :)

    The question is a different one: how much a demanding account like Anomander impact on the WW feeding? why did you settle so close to your main WW? Wasn't better to place Anomander, No one and Lady winter somewhere else and put on LW and None croppers accounts to properly feed WW?

    And, but this is my curiosity, why waiting for Anomander to reach 1 million crop consumption to send against our WW (that was at 93), why do not send to a lower lvl?

    Until fnx decides to show up again, I'll try to give rough idea about these details and hope both of you will forgive me for meddling in your conversation.

    Anomander settled so close to WW, just like No One and Lady Winter, because Gal Gadot was part of the original set up. The idea was to help support WW. WWK was never the primary goal. But people left, for various reasons and those who remained decided that they just can't cover WW madness too. But we offered full support to the new ww holder. That is when Ice stepped in and took over WW. How troublesome was Anomander for supporting WW is probably the question for her. I can only say that my dual showed me what the next level of selflessness looks like.

    About launching and waiting for Anomander to reach 1 mil: We never asked for launching to be postponed, especially not because of 1mil. On the contrary, we asked to launch as soon as possible because we could't wait to finish server. But also said we will wait for the orders. When they arrived, we launched. Our queues kept running until the last second of the server. Maybe they are still there in limbo.

    I sincerely hope that this will appease your curiosity until more detailed explanation arrives.