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    To me the real impact of Anomander does not matter at all, all the crying and this post will hopeful help put things into a perspective or else, be ready to see much more Anomanders in the following servers. It is not a rocket science either, a small group can easily pull a few Anomanders and make the rest of the server hate life.

    Exactly. The idea behind the account was to test the boundaries of TG, not to make the record breaking WWK or whatever. Most of the duals already have that in their travian career, so not much of an incentive (shrugs). Anomander was supposed to stir things up and I'd say it did a hell of a job. Literally everybody talked about it. And many used everything they could think of to take us down. Everything - except actually trying to attack ;) Which kind of proves that it is invincible. When the server started, the idea was to see how long can this kind of account last. I guess the answer is: long. And we did a decent job with the wwk numbers too, considering the circumstances. And you can say "meh, we saw that before" until you are blue in the face, that doesn't change the fact that we received tons, and I mean TONS of messages regarding the account. And all we could respond at that time was, you'll have to wait until our job on the server is done. Therefore, this forum post. Not to boast about achievements (or failures:S), but to explain what was going on to those who wrote to us and wanted to read.

    they raid their techs instead of parking in them.

    The only difference here is that they raid techs and Anomander raided the whole server. But go on, believe or keep repeating whatever makes you feel better.

    But it wasnt obvious to Chris as she thought it was for morale bonus?


    How is Com1 "max potential?"

    Both teams sit in opposite quads and build wwks/def for 220 days with a total of like 10 ops all server.
    I really thought com1 was a good server/competetive but holy cow what a disapointment.

    Both teams VICES & SGR/TEN plays this boring kind of travian...


    Com1 has the reputation of being the most competitive of all com servers. And it is true. That doesn't make it interesting, though. After years of break from travian, I decided to check it out again 2-3 years ago. Moved from server to server. Played with various teams. Really pushed myself to overcome my "noobness" with the idea that it will make my gaming experience better. Conclusion: although maybe naive, noobs are actually having more fun and still trying to play the game. Unlike the big guys, who are willing to sit through the whole round just to have the best report or screenshot and don't want to risk any losses for that. Especially when playing against each other.

    The most action you'll see, in my opinion, is if you opt for special servers like PTP, but the amount of gold needed to keep your game competitive there is absurd.

    SIDE NOTE: I can's speak about Finals. Never went there. Nor plan to :)

    So, after everything I've seen and tried here, and with the amount of errors in the game itself, I believe it's time to forget about Travian again. Maybe I come back in a few years to check if it's still there and how it looks. And enjoy my innocent noobness again. But at this point, it's just not worth investing time and money in this game.

    Why are you so angry, little ducky?

    The server will be officially over any minute. You won! Enjoy! Make a party with friends. Don't go combing forum for old posts and spreading bitternes. You missed a thread or two, by the way. :S

    Just when you think it's finally over...

    Have you stopped replying to tickets on com1 altogether? Because with everything working fine now as you claim and the crisis taken care of, one would expect that you need to wait less for the answer. But we keep noticing irregularities of different kind on the server and no one is replying to tickets.

    I can't choose what's lamer in that blog post. The "we were sitting casually playing travian when all hell broke loose" part or the gold part that you quotted. Dear Travian Games, we know very well the value of the gold since we are paying for it. :rolleyes:

    I'd be really interested to see statistics about the age of the players. I haven't met many kids while playing it.

    I rather think about how you felt when you could not even feed 4 million def the day we scouted you with zero crop thrice.

    That's fine too. We are all free to think whatever we want.

    Even when everything is explained to us.

    Send my love to Tinky. He's been awfully quiet lately. This server would have had a much different ending without him.

    Imagine how we felt when your friend Tinky made that little post and screamed cheaters. I see it's deleted now. I guess mods decided that it didn't contain the proof you claimed you had. Tinky, thank you again for pointing out publicly the absurdity of this server <3

    He did say "close the gap between" as in reduce it, not cancel it. At least that's how I read it. It's still p2w. Those features only serve to spin the story how they are trying to do something for non-golders. Until they realize they need to buy at least some gold :)

    Artwork limit is a big deal, I agree, but between gold users. Non-gold users can't afford artworks in the beginning anyway. Only through adventures. And they usually sell it to get gold club and maybe some hero gear.

    Ads can't compete with insta build and never will. They can save you some gold with starting levels. Still, it's closing the gap between heavy golders and moderate golders. No golders don't have much to look forward to here.

    Anything else? :)

    • Even I who has a ton more access don't know everything they might be working on.

    And people who are supporting this kind of things, like ELE or BB, are obviously getting various perks for that. I doubt they don't get in touch with TG, because they see them as 'influencers' that noone likes, but can TG use them to spread their ideology and basicly get masses to follow them lol.

    Of course they do get in touch with TG. You just have to read carefully what they write. And when it gets them in the tough spot they use the good old privacy policy to hide. They are called ambassadors, but instead of representing the players who voted for them and secured them that place, they sing to TG tune. I wonder why? :/

    Let's do what we need and let's ignore when someone is trying to get clarification or some basic answers.

    Yep, happens all the time. I've noticed that you can expect the fastest response from mods if you criticize TG. So to get their attention and actually check something you need, you just have to start bashing TG ;) They are not all bad, just need a bit of incentive.

    1. No, i don't believe Travian needs to be "shutdown."

    People talking about hitting own WW, killing own troops, denying points for enemy out of spite and just basically rolling over? -- Ruining endgame? Please.

    1. I don't believe either. I would prefer if they did something to improve instead of keep ruining this game. And patting on the back and finding excuses for them will hardly make them take some serious steps. I'd be happy to play again if they can guarantee a stable game environment.

    Ruining? Really? We gathered all the reports that we could and posted them (first) on the forum. Reports show what happened and who deserved to win after everything. We congratulated the winner (and still got mocked by some of their players). The fact that I'm not a trained monkey and don't play for TG amusement makes me a lousy player? Ok, I'm the worst there is then.

    I don't really care about what they think, but about what it happened.

    Was there any offensive operation going?

    It's not about this last op. There were bugs all over. Both sides compalained. You keep trying to present this as a sore loser thing. The fact is that there were so many errors that the game was unplayable. And this is not my first server. There was something seriously wrong there. If everything was the way it was supposed to be, I personally would be the first to congratulate to the better team. I actually believe in respecting your enemy. But stick to your story. The game I know and wanted to play again after almost 10 years of absence no longer exists. I will do what I think is best for me. Don't need your guidance. And forum is open to complaints too. Not only blind worshiping. Just don't wine about empty and dead servers. Imagine those numbers if there weren't so many multies.

    Finals was ruined? I agree, there's no doubt they spoiled a server back once.

    They ruined com1? I don't think so, no server has been really damaged by this rollback.

    Anyway you're free to stop playing, even if i think there are way more important reasons to stop playing travian (like the more and more multiaccounts and the stronger pay4win system) than this one.

    Have you even bothered to read the opening post of this thread?

    And as far as com1 goes, go to that section or check with any player from that server if you are interested to hear what they think. No matter which side they play.

    Gold? To play here again? No, thank you. My duals can keep it if they want. Money back. Chargeback is the word of the day. And this rollback is just a culmination. They have completely ruined com1. And they ruined finals before that. And they keep pretending nothing is wrong.