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    Imagine being allowed to play in the only quad that was conflict free for some 80 days, settle with four wings + techs in boonies and still fail this hard with artis, lmao. I mean I'm actually impressed Goats got as many artis that they did given my previous assumptions about their mental game.

    Being allowed to play? In their quad? Damn, Verdie, what did you do to make your bosses this mad? This is a fun read, ngl. But damn, all that time wasted on being a proud and praised Vices tech flushed down the drain? Time to grab popcorn for watching artie steals ^^

    Wait, are GunnersTheUltimateWarriors actually being ridiculed by everyone on their home server? I mean, GOATS I can understand to a certain point. Newcomers to the server, made too long a break from the game, not up to date with the changes, obviously not so skilled with the new travian ways. But GUNNERS? Multiple winners of the com2? What is going on here?

    Nap not confed Clockie and certainly not zerging like it sounds like you think it was, originally it was only so Gunners and Dnd could focus on there own ww’s and team targets without getting in each other’s way, Similar approach that goats had with the SW, only Gunners made no secrets they were out for Gow blood and dnd were adamant ten was the enemy they wanted to take down.

    Who would have thought dnd would go back on there word or turn around and give their once enemies ten pretty much their only endgame arti of worth!

    It’s like Ikea and duat when they tried to troll the entire server, claiming they are enemies then suddenly becoming confeds , perhaps that’s what dnd mean when they say “the real ikea boys” or in other words dnd will say one thing whilst doing something completely contrary to what they say.

    Who would, indeed... :)

    I agree on one thing Gunners have it tough, real tough and against alliances that are top tier that have opted to Zerg. Gunners have chosen not to Zerg, not through lack of opportunity, but because we are not looking for weak plays.

    Imho Gunners don’t need to Zerg or deal under the table , much more rewarding to take what is ours on our own merits and worth, then get gifted and offered to us on a silver platter. where is the challenge in that?

    I don’t know about you Saravan but I play this game for the challenge and relish the competition.

    I’d much rather go out in a blaze of glory then try to out Zerg other teams that play like a bunch of cowards.

    ... coming from the alliance that made the first nap of the server, month before it even started. What was the challenge exactly? "Will Vices, pardon DND, stab us in the back or not? Hmm... We'll give it a go. Nothing else left to do in travian." That's what makes your heart pumping? ^^

    Perhaps, Still many options left on the table Clockie. How teams forge on from here, will come down to how the next few moves are played out, untill then we can only really speculate on such possible outcomes.

    I just love how you pretend to know everyone :S but still decide to hide yourself for some reason. Many options you say? I'm waiting anxiously to see how this plays out for Gunners.


    It was only luck that they got those uniques, had nothing to do that we are a four wing alliance (+ extra techs) and still didn't bother making more than a handful cata points. We are desperate now so we are going to zerg against Duat/IKEA but we need an excuse so let's just say it's because of trolling. Another excellent post Verdie.

    But is anyone left to zerg with? Where to beg this time? Forgive and forget and go back to DND? TEN? Maybe GOATS are an option now without DND in the picture? If GOATS decide to listen of course after that humilliating rejection? Poor Gunners. Maybe you guys can take them under your wing. Or just maybe they have aces up their sleeve and nordics have to fear for their precious arties?

    Does anyone else think this whole discussion is a bit pointless? Who cares if people have 'tech' accounts?

    Can't say that I care if someone has them or not. It's the delusion od greatness combined with low self esteem that makes the whole tech phenomenon so cringy and drives actual players away :)

    Another ignorant comment here...

    Josec Tech account is an account played for another accounts benefit, built to be raided by 1 single account or 1 single alliance.

    Different from multi how ? It has a player and not played via proxy. GL to ur gaming ! :)

    What do you mean "it has a player"? Multies have players also.

    Facts are that GoW could not handle the smoke Duat was giving them and Gunners breathing in their neck by taking over the whole border. All their best players bouncing on both allies so they had to start BUYING resources.

    Interesting point. Now that you've mentioned it, it does look like a trap and GOW fell right in :S