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    Fun fact: All those who criticize travian about 10 October incident have absolutely no idea how programming works.

    I don't come here for programming lessons. If I wanted to learn programming, I sure as hell wouldn't pay TG to teach me. I come to play a game and have fun. And talking to Customer Service every other day is not fun. Now, many seem to miss the point. You have a product and you sell it on the market. If the product is faulty, you need to take responsibility for it. I don't remember travian was marketed at a discount price. We pay full and we expect it to work. Would you buy a broken chair or a car? What is all this "poor TG", "please understand our HQ was in agony". We were robbed and now you want sympathy? Stop giving excuses and do your job. You are so shameless that I wouldn't be surprised if you asked for compensation for the pain your players are causing you.

    Side note: As of yesterday, we stopped using gold, canceled all bonuses and PLUS acc and advised all our players to do the same.

    We may know the outcome on the battlefield, but the fight isn't over yet. We still need to hear from TG.

    That's it. Congratulations to Vices. Better luck next time to SGR. God help us all with Travian Games GmbH.

    It was an exciting ride, that's for sure.

    Yeah, you do. Kudos for scouters.

    The thing is, no one really cares anymore :S:*


    Damn! Your ghosters are so good that the TG couldn't live with it. I hear they made all our troops into ghosts! The crop minus is there, but you can't see the troops.

    For TG amusement? I really don't know the answer.

    I know we will proceed with the account as we planned before this latest sh**show. 100 non-transferable gold will be of great help :thumbsup:<3Still discussing what to do with troops if we find them playing cards at home.

    If anyone is left in our team after another mess up by yours truly Travian Games GmbH :D

    I voted to just call it a day and let you finish without any interference from our side since the server has no relevance anyway.

    You fail to see many things, but I guess that's part of your charm :love:

    The only thing that's making me moody here is Travian Games GmbH. Vices are just a team on the opposite side like any other.

    Everyone deserves to get a rival like that.

    From what I understand, you had a rival like that and you decided to switch sides :/

    It is the least of their worries now. ^^Because they didn't fix it. Of course they had data, but wasn't in their interest to share because they would have to compensate. So the bugs kept spreading like plague until the whole game crashed. Or they tried to fix it and failed and made this happen. Which also makes them liars since they claimed it was fixed. I hope they are forced to pay the damage now. To all worlds ^^

    I guess we can safely say that the bug was never fixed and the thing escalated. Now we know why we never got the answers we asked for.:SIf you had fixed it, you would not have anything to hide. Tsk, tsk, Travian Games, tsk, tsk...

    I guess this is the last of it about the bug.

    Well, I can fight the enemy in game, but I can't fight the game itself.

    Although it was fun to play it again and I'm glad I got the chance to meet some wonderful people, the game has changed so much over the years to the point that it can't be played without serious money. And I choose to spend my money elsewhere and not on a faulty product.

    I wish good luck to all players who decide to stay loyal to it. TG doesn't deserve you.

    Oh, I'm young and inexperienced in Travian world. And I like to check things for myself. Currently, I'm following the response time of forum mods on different subjects. It's an ongoing investigation, so I won't share my findings yet :)

    Great, since you are closing threads, can you check the one we asked to be revised almost a week ago Sove  Ridder Huma