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    And blamed it on TEN? Or did they blame TEN only for the arties they've lost? Honestly, I haven't read everything on the forum. And I have no intention of reading pages and pages of bashing to look for it.

    Aren't your leaders blame K19 for EA ghosting? accusing him to be a spy? Aren't you blaming TEN for everything? Arent your forum posters blame single player for losing arties? It is public you see

    Who? I'm sorry, I haven't read everything on forum. I just stop by from time to time. I'm here all the time now only because of the bug thing. I don't really care about the usual bashing :S But, did TEN lose the arties or not?

    Of course not, I just know their habits... since when I was not a Villains/Vices player :)

    It is the habits that make me choose to play with James and Sanket who on the contrary use to assume responsabilities even for their player mistake, without looking for scapegoats :)

    I'll just have to trust you on that. Because for the (almost) 2 years I'm there, I haven't noticed anything like that.

    I see that you are not fluent in sarcasm. That's ok. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    And yes, TEN certainly have some very good players. But for calling TEN pros... (giggles). You play with Vices? You're not just an innocent bystander on the forum?

    This is you who said so... I just pointed out that the train on UA was made with SGR hammers not TEN ones....

    Why you always blame others? TEN are your team mates even if all the SGR forum poster always blame them for everything.

    And I pointed out that there was more to that plan. Rumors say that certain armies didn't go where they were supposed to.

    I don't always blame others :) I already said I blame SGR leaders for making the deal with TEN. And now we all have to live with that.

    Maybe I blame TEN because their actions speak for themselves.

    Maybe I blame them because I'm spending too much time with you guys here and I've picked up the habit of blaming others. (shrugs)

    :rolleyes: You are right. SGR sucks. Nothing that anyone says in their favor is true. They are the biggest noobs and the lamest alliance around. I don't understand why are you wasting your precious time on them when they are so clueless. What pride you take in spending so much energy on splatting on a weakling like SGR? Doesn't take much skill to defeat a worthless opponent.

    I suggest next time Vices split in 2 teams and fight each other since no one else knows anything about the game :thumbsup:<3

    They go for UA but no ram or no infra damage on WW.

    Thats weird. But its SGR :}

    Nope. That's TEN making their own decisions and not following the plan :D The only thing I blame SGR for this round is teaming up with TEN again. But it is what it is. You have to live with the decisions you make. I can only hope some lessons were learned from all this.

    This is not about winning a server anymore. Any server, not even the infamous Com 1. It's about selling a faulty product and refusing to deal with your customers. The bug, or whatever they call it, was swept under the rug and the only thing we hear now is "it was fixed". Well, for the money we give them, we deserve at least an answer on what happened during many weeks that it was there. Because it seems that it didn't take few hours or a day or two to fix it, but a lot, lot longer. So if it didn't have any effect on the endgame, show us the numbers that say so. If you have nothing to hide and everything is peachy, why hide it?

    Someone may ask why are people so irritated by a silly game issue? Why is it such a big deal? Because it happens all the time. Whether it is a ban or a bug or anything that may result on them taking responsibility and admitting their mistakes, they just shut down the talks.

    Ghosting was the star of this server in my opinion. Unfortunately, too much energy was spent on battling Customer Support. If only the game was functioning the way it was supposed to, all the effort from both sides would not be cancelled. But this little noob learned another valuable lesson. You accept the TG flaws or you leave. I guess that's why the number of players is dropping with every server.

    Nobody in SGR left a message about ghosting. Let alone a crying one. Starvation, or the lack of it was the last drop in the sea of bugs and errors I think.

    Not really. I haven't heard that anyone in SGR was crying. There's a lot more to do. But it also says a lot about you if you can't think of anything else.

    Cheer up, buddy. I'm just teasing you. You don't have any say in it anymore anyway. It's all up to TG now.

    Let's wait for the reports in peace ;)

    Ticker This is a serious thread involving an in-game bug. You have stated many times that you do not play on the server. I do not see that you have anything to contribute here. Please take your trolling to the other thread.

    (facepalm) Where did you get that idea? I clearly stated that I play for SGR and that I played there last round too. For someone who is the (self-)appointed spokesperson of the smartest group of players in the com1 universe you need to work on your reading and comprehension skills. Besides, whether I play on a particular server or not does not exclude me from discussing serious game matters on forum.

    As far as the ww starvation bug goes, since this is why we are here, first of all, I would like to thank you personally for getting this out in the open. We never even knew that the bug existed until you told us. I was informed that the existence of the bug is confirmed in game too and that the effects of the bug are being investigated for all sides involved. I hope our leadership continues to collaborate with customer support and I also hope for faster response from CS since we are so close to the finish line and this kind of bug can not be ignored or swept under the rug.

    I personally have nothing to be ashamed of. And I would like to hear what happened. This thread is about starvation bug and not about situation in SGR or your interpretation of it. For further mudslinging, please chose another thread. There's enough to pick from. But please, let's try to keep this one clean.

    Whether you had advantage or not and how long it lasted is not on us to discuss or speculate. The fact is that there was a serious issue with the server that we weren't aware of. Our WW team claims there was a constant threat of starvation on our side. And I know how many MMs and skype warnings about starvation we had. We demand official investigation on this issue - when it started, what were its effects and everything else concerning it. We need to hear what TG has to say about this.

    And there's also that small detail about the way we found out about it and that interesting thread your alliance member created. We need to get this cleared once and for all.