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    We're incredibly proud to beat the #1 Cheaters of .com the great SGR, the home of Anomander Fake, HoneyCheaterz and CheatThrone. Beating a team that outnumbered us by more than 500!! accounts at the start of the server is a great achievement. Deleting before the end of the server doesn't change that fact, you're still just bad. It's a shame you also had to ruin the game for the dutch boys who showed some actual skill.
    And again, SGR's techs are multies/bots. VICES techs are actual players. Just ask Electric Avenue how he does his techs, it's not rocket science.

    Ahaha, oh boy, you are hilarious. So now there are good techs and bad techs? VICES of course have only good. Shame on everyone else. At one point, the way you started your post, I was afraid you'd say VICES have no techs, but you still have some sense left in you ;)

    Oh, come on now. :) It's not like VICES came out of the blue on this server. They were there before. Everyone who joined com1 knew what he/she was getting into. If you thought their strategy would change, you were naive. After losing last server, it could only get worse. So, whoever wins - won fair and square. Under com1 circumstances and TG umbrella. :S

    Wait, wait, wait... hold it right there. We need to make clear what P2W means here. From Obi's comment, I'd say pay. Now I'm not so sure anymore. Or were you thinking of SGR's paying skills? :/

    That moment when you play a P2W game and blame the other team for making it that way :thumbsup:

    Ah, but I didn't know how much P2W the game has become. Years of absence fooled me. But now I do. And all fingers were pointing in one direction.
    If that was directed to me ;)

    Nah, people are only blaming VICES for making the game boring and unnecessary expensive. Unless all those players that left SGR/TEN/LL side have joined you.

    I do not expect anything from anybody. I am playing since 2008. I was just saying that TG for the sake of money has put a wrong tool in too many people's hand and the result will be an implosion that will be complete in 2 years. So the 92 pages of forum drama and the 1,8k posts will have no support in 2 years. For me this is the final com server. And regarding techs, unusual farm rates and so on and so forth check please That server would make any tech farmer blush.

    I still don't understand your point. You changed your village name to CHIEFED BY XY and the raids did not stop? You are against farm lists? You approve of spiking as a way of fighting against that feature? You want TG to remove it? Old school or tech raiding? Nothing in between? Doesn't matter what you raid as long as you send it manually from reports? ?(

    Leaders of a 700 account super-meta having a meltdown because they lost Unique Trainer in an OP. Haven't seen that before. How's the #1 cheater Anomander Fake WWK looking? I heard he was barely top10 on the server despite having 150 multies pushing him and giving him raid resources?

    Not really sure what you are talking about, but you seem to think you do so I'll just add my comments without any intention to discuss the details.
    -Leaders are humans too. That wasn't an OP that happens every day and you complained about it from what I understand. So the way I see it, it was nerve-wracking for both sides. It's easy to laugh at someone when you are on the winning side in a given situation.
    -Is there a TOP 10 for cheaters too? Have I missed something or is TG implementing this category in the new beta server?
    -150 multies?! Pushing and giving? Now, that is insane. I agree with you completely on this.

    SGR/TEN: 72 pages of "VICES CHEATS ZOMG"

    *SGR member gets banned after raiding 72 mil res in a day*
    VICES: *points it out*



    You read 72 pages of this... (?!?) oh wait, I don't know the rules so I better watch my mouth.

    Let me try again...

    be real, if anyone was buying accounts to be personal farms, it was anomander

    Nope, don't see anything about amount of resources. Only about buying account

    Yup, SGR&TEN are going insane. If any of ya'll who are still sane want to switch to villains, DM me on forums or send an IGM to Tasmanian Devil.

    How do you check who's eligible?

    be real, if anyone was buying accounts to be personal farms, it was anomander

    Such a one-track mind. Let me guess, you are team Vices?