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    Ok Clockie, wise choice to go for posts that have fewer words, especially ones that are easier for you to read :)

    Yeah, Clockie wise, doesn't like to waste time on pulp fiction. My reputation precedes me. Still have no idea who you are.

    Go back and re-read if you’d like to know, might even help with your comprehension skills.

    Nah, I'll pass this time. I know a bad fiction when I see one. Takes only a few lines to know if something is worth reading.

    Too long. Stopped reading at "the old spark of a potential cwl vs vices clash". What are you talking about? Did DND even spawn in the same quad as GOATS? No one cares about the imaginary rivalry, but you ^^

    Rumors, rumors everywhere. :rolleyes: Loffe came with his own team. No connection with "Vices" whatsoever. "Vices" will come here with only 30 accounts. They don't need Swedes.

    Yes your right :p

    It’s still 6 of one and half a dozen of the other 🐐 :P

    What's your point? :S You said it yourself, I'm right. Why you keep pursuing this subject? The team clearly announced its name. Can we move to something more interesting now?

    Sounds like a threat, do not say who goats is working with and we will not conjure up stories about Gunners and vices,

    Besides what sh@t storm Jay? I said it was a rumour and pure speculation that’s all, from the reactions here I’m beginning to think perhaps there is much more to it then that.

    Sounds like you guys are acting a bit touchy and precious on this subject now,

    That's what you consider a threat? :D

    No storm of any kind. And we'd like to keep it that way. Sun and clear skies. Please don't bring the dark clouds as Jay has kindly asked you.

    Not touchy really. But we have our name and it's not CWL. Why is it so hard for you to accept?

    btw what makes cwl so different from a goat when all players that have come forward here all have goat and cwl lineage ?

    Have they? I know at least one who doesn't.

    goats and vices also have their rivalry,

    GOATS? Good boy. I'm happy with your progress. Hope we can finally leave CWL behind us. :)

    Interesting, how can there be rivalry if they never played on the same server before? When the server starts, we'll see who GOATS' rivals are. Unless so called Vices haven't changed their mind about going to the NE.

    It's a fun read. Not top quality, more like a second rate fanfiction, but kudos for effort.

    Looking forward to Bat Man's next post.

    Will he finally understand that CWL does not exist anymore? How long will it take? Will he recover from heartbreak and pain? Stay tuned.

    NE Could be the messiest Bloodiest🩸 bath In the whole entire server! There is another way to avoid this scenario, If by chance the two Goliath's decide to shake hands on a wolf pact, it will still be a very, very difficult Situation.

    GoW is coming to NE? :huh:

    If that's the case, I doubt this lame attempt of offering handshake will work with them.

    We’ll see clocky, not sure they’ll Zerg, if vices return with just a handful of players however, then it makes sense to look for a strong team to work with, especially if cousins/vices are still serious about winning.

    I think it’s common knowledge vices have been looking forward to playing against cwl for a long time, could also argue cwl has been too afraid to lock horns in the past.
    Which is why I’m also surprised about the rumours of vices top shelf literally being shelved, doesn’t make sense to me.. why would vices restrict themselves so much, when they’ve been kaf for the ultimate showdown..

    We're getting comfy here? ;)How should I call you? Don't be shy.

    No zerg or no bragging rights for 30 accts winning the server. Simple as that.

    Yeah, it is. As it is a common knowledge CWL didn't want anything to do with them. One might say didn't want to stoop to their level. But travian has evolved. It is what it is now. And this is not CWL. We have only GOATS on this server.

    could you imagine the bragging rights vices would have, winning with a 30 man team against 3-4 wings of goats ?

    Actually I could. They live to brag. They need to win first. But no zerging allowed. Cousins only.

    Perhaps vices don’t need a meta in order to beat cwl/ goats either , especially if other alliances are prepared to do their bidding.

    Obsessed much? "Vices" coming to com2 to play the server or to stalk GOATS? CWL broke you heart in the past? Don't hold grudges. It's just a game.


    You forgot ANT is in com1 zerg against SGR too.

    But we are not on com1. That trolling startegy maybe worked against SGR who were lulled by the previous servers against Villains/Vices where there were absolutely no ops against Slackers and the whole server turned into "who is the best simmer?". We all know the answer to that question. And even now, the Cousins had to zerg the whole server. Did SGR make mistakes? YES, they were way too passive at start. Confusion strategy worked well. Kudos to Cousins.

    Now, I like that Villains/Vices came to their senses if the rumors are true. They recruited some good off players. I think we can hope for an interesting server with GoW being extremly aggressive and their rivarly against Gunners. Adding more action, as Cousins claim they will, can only improve the experience. Not to mention the bloodthirsty Scandinavians. If I have to choose, I prefer crash and burn over sim and die of boredom. We are here to have fun.