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    Our team of 32 players decided to play comx again after we all took a 3 year break from the game. Because most of our countries were in lockdown, this was the ideal time to come back to the game and catch up again with old friends. However it's hard to call travian a game these days. We found ourselves in the quad of one of the biggest cheating alliances on comx. I won't call out any names as i don't want to break any forum rules. But so we found ourselves fighting players who are running what seems to be an infinite amount of multi accounts. I've spoken with other meta leaders in-game aswell and they seem to be all as depressed about the situation as we are. Nearly 3 weeks into the server all of us are just fed up by spending money on this game, simply to rebuild what others break down with multi accounts. It's not worth our time, effort or money. Therefor we have decided to all hit the delete buttom and be done with it. Our entire team of 32 players will simply delete. I see many others have voiced their opinions on the current situation, but the travian staff team does not seem to be willing to make any adjustments.

    I wish all remaining comx players the best of luck and i hope from the buttom of my heart that they will beat the cheaters. I can only pray that some day , the game developpers will come to their senses and the game will once again return to its former glory. We all fell in love with this game 10 years ago, but at the moment, it's not worth playing.


    Remember to withdraw your gold payments :)

    Think it would fun if you deleted all your multis and played your real accounts. I know we're all on lockdown but that's not a good enough reason to cheat