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    Appealing and challenging a punishment should always be on the table, natural law applies in this. In addition, you should at least submit irrefutable proof of rules being broken. I have been involve in a case of accounts banning any you were simply not capable to present proof of, yet the account was penalised for something you could not prove. Queck.
    good luck with this, you will need it.

    My hero has disappeared.

    Used it to clear an oasis, as soon as it returned to the village, I sent it conquer the oasis (second oasis for this particular village)

    It attack was visible until 3 minutes to go. It then disappeared from the village, it disappeared from the Rally Point and Village view. It just vanished.

    When I click the Hero at the top left, it says the “ hero is in village . “

    So what I don't get is how come you (Travian) get to re-book the gold purchases? I don't know about other players, but my gold spending is directly underpinned to how the game, my account, the region, etc is/are going.

    In other words, you will never be able to recreate the exact same conditions where I decided to buy that gold. For example: If I knew there were players roaming with way too many troops, maybe I would have not spent MY MONEY in your gold.

    You cannot have your cake and also eat it. You already take advantage of testing products on paying customers! Gosh, any other industry pays their customers to test their product. You not only get that for free from us, but you have the blatant face (for not saying sassy) to charge us top dollar within your server testing.

    If you have people who have studied Economics within your team, tell them to educate the rest of you on the concept of Opportunity Cost, that way you will see that even if you give gold for free, you will never come near compensating us.

    Do the right thing by your loyal customers: Reimburse the funds you took....and I don't mean you give us a voucher, I mean RETURN my money to my bank account.

    I get it, you got it wrong with the server therefore a rollback is needed.... now RETURN THE MONEY.