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    Mjölnir -

    If we note

    wood = A

    clay = B

    iron = C

    our problem resumes to


    “ABC” is a 3 digit number. Then, each one of them, i.e. A,B,C are 3 digits.

    The sum of 3 C’s in the unit’s place again results in C. This is possible only when “C” is either 5 or 0.

    Case 1: C=0

    In this case each of the digit accounts to zero. That means A,B,C is 0. (trivial answer, not pretty much expected)

    Case2: C=5

    In this case

    AB5+AB5+AB5=555 => AB5=555/3 => AB5=185 =>




    Mjölnir -

    Roman merchant heads to Brundisium.

    Researcher heads to Ravenna.


    Gaul merchant heads to Epidaurum or Ravenna.

    Teuton merchant heads to Epidaurum or Ravenna.

    Smith heads to Brundisium, Ravenna or Epidaurum.

    Architect heads to Brundisium, Ravenna or Epidaurum.


    1. Gaul merchant heads to Ravenna.

    Because there is only one person who is traveling to the same region as the researcher (Ravenna) results from the possibilities above that the teuton merchant heads for Epidaurum.

    Because the merchant of the same tribe as the researcher is heading to Epidaurum results that the researcher is teuton.

    If the researcher is teuton then

    - the smith can be gaul or roman.

    - the architect can be gaul or roman.

    The gaul (not merchant) bought a weapon from the smith therefore the smith can't be gaul. So the smith is roman and the architect is gaul.

    2. Teuton merchant heads to Ravenna.

    Because there is only one person who is traveling to the same region as the researcher (Ravenna) results from the possibilities above that the gaul merchant heads for Epidaurum.

    The Teuton merchant recently sold an item for 7,000 silver. Also the teuton merchant received exactly three times more silver than the researcher (therefore the researcher received 2.33333333....3 silver), but 7.000 is not divisible by 3, so we have a contradiction which denotes that the initial assumption was false (teuton merchant does not travel to Ravenna).

    Assumption 2 = false

    Assumption 1 = true => Architect is gaul.

    Mjölnir -


    A = first old man

    B = second old man

    C = third old man

    If A wears a white hat:

    • If B wears a white hat, C can immediately tell that he is wearing a black hat after looking at the two white hats of A and B.
    • If B wears a black hat, C will be unable to tell the color of his hat, because there is a white hat (A) and a black hat (B). So B can quickly deduce from A's white hat and C's lack of response that he is wearing a black hat.

    So if A wears a white hat there will be a fairly quick response from B or C.

    If A wears a black hat:

    • C does not see two white hats, so he is unable to tell his hat color.
    • B sees only a black hat, so he can't tell anything about his hat.

    In this case A, B and C would remain silent for some time, until A finally deduces that he must have a black hat because C and B have remained silent for some time. This is what happened in our story because the old men took some time thinking (solving the puzzle) while Marcella's stepmother chose the fabrics.

    So, all 3 old men were wearing black hats.

    Mjölnir -

    I. Emperor Nero - born on XV December 37 AD

    II. Emperor Domitian - ruled for XV years, from 81 AD to 96 AD

    III. Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar - died on XV March 44 BC

    IV. Germanicus - general of Roman Empire - born on 24 May XV BC

    V. Legion XV, recruited by Caesar in 53 BC, was trained by Titus Labienus, fought in Cisalpine Gaul against the Iapodes in 52 BC, and was transferred to the Senate in 50 BC. When Caesar invaded Italy, the legion sided with the invader, who ordered it to occupy Africa. Here it was destroyed in the autumn of 49/48 BC.

    Legion XV Apollinaris, was recruited by Octavian in 41/40 BC. After the Battle of Actium, where gained its epitaph Apollinaris, it was sent to Illyricum, where remained until 6 BC.

    Legion XV Primigenia, recruited by the emperor Caligula in 39 AD, was involved in the war against the Frisians and in the construction of Corbulo's canal in the Rhine. Was stationed in the Rhine frontier until 70, when it was destroyed during the Batavian Rebellion.