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    I would guess that simply, the "mess" of books and such is right in front of the door, making it impossible for anyone to open it and run without taking them out of the way. So either the thief didn't go that way, or did but had someone recreate the "mess" after he left. Even if he opened it as slightly as possible, the books would not have stayed in that place.

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    25% of trapped troops die, which equals a maximum of 100 troops. I could give you 100 troops to kill any time you want them, 100 troops after the first few months are nothing. And if we are talking about the capital, and someone decides to build 5 Trappers in it, they will have already sacrificed a huge part of their village for a defense of 1000 troops per building. I don't think giving them 5000 troop protection for it, only on capital would be a bad thing. Come to think of it, they may be sacrificing Stonemason, a resource boosting building, or warehouses with which they could upgrade their resource fields for it. Maybe they get stuck at low production to create 5000 traps. Sacrificing 5 building spots for 2000 traps is just not worth it, especially in a village where every spot counts.

    As for the Cranny, you can just have it upgradable to Level 20, with much more time and resources required, although higher hiding capability. It would serve both as a small quick to make building at first, and then as a good backup option for later game. As the game is now, if you get destroyed by a stronger player the ways to make a comeback are very few. You just have to NOT get destroyed. The Cranny could help giving one a chance for a comeback.

    So the Cranny hides 2000 resources at maximum Level, or 3000 if you are a gaul. So their maximum potential, depending on the tribes of the players(Teuton attacker, gaul defender etc) varies from 1600 to 3000. I don't see the point. Unless you play with 50 attacking troops, it isn't going to help you use those resources to make a comeback. A fully upgraded Warehouse can store 80000 resources. Why not make the Cranny hold many, many more resources? Even if we fear it will make attacks pointless(which it won't) it could be upgradable to Level 20 and thus the extra hiding could come with higher costs. Right now, the Cranny is always the first building I delete if I lack space because it is by far the most useless.

    Next is the trapper. I have heard people say it is overpowered. Is it really? 400 traps at maximum level, when especially in villages such as the capital, the army strength required to defend them is tens of times higher than that. Trappers are mostly useful at the start of the server and in villages with not that much defense to begin with. Of course for most villages except the capital, +400 troops protection is something, and the traps' cost is small and it costs no grain consumption. But the capital is the most important village. Maybe make the trapper in capital make multiple times the amount of traps?

    I would make the cranny hold AT LEAST 5000 resources at max Level. And the capital's trapper hold at least 1000 traps, although at higher cost. Maybe the capital's trapper would be upgradable to a higher level for that to happen. What do you think?