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    EraserKing -

    I. Emperor Nero - born on XV December 37 AD

    II. Emperor Domitian - ruled for XV years, from 81 AD to 96 AD

    III. Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar - died on XV March 44 BC

    IV. Germanicus - general of Roman Empire - born on 24 May XV BC

    V. Legion XV, recruited by Caesar in 53 BC, was trained by Titus Labienus, fought in Cisalpine Gaul against the Iapodes in 52 BC, and was transferred to the Senate in 50 BC. When Caesar invaded Italy, the legion sided with the invader, who ordered it to occupy Africa. Here it was destroyed in the autumn of 49/48 BC.

    Legion XV Apollinaris, was recruited by Octavian in 41/40 BC. After the Battle of Actium, where gained its epitaph Apollinaris, it was sent to Illyricum, where remained until 6 BC.

    Legion XV Primigenia, recruited by the emperor Caligula in 39 AD, was involved in the war against the Frisians and in the construction of Corbulo's canal in the Rhine. Was stationed in the Rhine frontier until 70, when it was destroyed during the Batavian Rebellion.