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    its better to keep it hidden then get annoyed :3 better do littlw homwork and note down manyally who is donating from daily donation as them to donate at some specific time or show it like that if u really want it..

    If some few individuals donate a larger amount on a more regular basis, those who donated less of anything will not be seen regardless, so you can't really do homework there.

    And who cares about confed donations? Maybe not many, but if it's an alliance bonus thing, I'd expect participation from everyone. Besides, if more keep donating you will reach the bonuses earlier, which can help in the long run.

    For every selfish asshole who doesn't contribute a single thing, there's almost always someone else who ends up compensating for that to eventually reach alliance goals.

    Is there something more you guys thinking about around the alliance donation ?

    I know that some people just forget to donate.

    Well, sometimes you have ingame forum, discord, skype, MM and god knows what notifications encouraging people to donate. I'll agree some forget, but I also think many choose to ignore that, as eventually after others have donated a lot their ''donatinons'' would not be seen anyway so they don't bother.

    Low priority thing, but would be convenient.

    When you scout a certain village, report looks like this:

    You can see everything and you have the Battle Simulator icon available to use, which already neatly fills out most of the simulator fields.

    However, when an alliance member scouts a certain village, you get this:

    As you can see, the Battle Simulator button is now gone, meaning if you were to attack this after someone else scouted, you'd have to input everything in manually, opposed to already having that button do it all for you.

    It's not a problem to do it by hand from scratch of course, but if we already have the Battle Simulator button feature, might as well use it for all alliance members as well.

    Sure, 2 more buttons are gone, but you can't use Attack again, because you weren't the one attacking in the first place. The Add to farm list however is also something that could potentially also be available to others inside the alliance, but that isn't as inconvenient, as you can click on village name and select ''Add to farm list'' from there anyway.

    I meant a small popup, or like a new, but smaller ''Statistics'' tab with more pages.
    You made a point with a huge mass of names opening up, but if you were to have them sorted by 20 per page I think that would be fairly manageable.

    And yeah, definitely not a high priority thing, but it's still a nice addition to see who is actively participating and who isn't. It is a team thing after all and you don't want leechers.

    An option to expand the list of donators in Alliance bonuses, so every accounts donations are visible. This can give one an idea of who is actively contributing to your Alliance, and who is just feasting on efforts of others.

    Also, display donation of accounts that left the alliance as well. Sometimes you might need to hop to a confed or wing and your stats simply get erased as if you never did anything.

    And did you tell them how to avoid getting banned?

    You should tell them that same IP addresses are a lie and they should log into all accounts from same PC, same browser. No proxy needed. :)

    Ignorant is you believing that people actually use techs as they were meant to be. Instead 95% of them are just proxy multies people use and slap a "TECH" sticker on them to make it look authentic.

    Hi there!

    I started playing two days ago, after a break that lasted a few years and, forgive my ignorance, but what is a tech account ? Is it different from a multi account to which point ? Why is that allowed ?

    Cheers! A good game for all!

    It is supposed to be different, but it's kind of the same.

    So no, it is not different in reality.

    It's a market that in-game resources are sold. They might sell tech-accounts as well. I don't know where to find them or what are the prices. Never used both techs or resources/tech markets. But I don't know why you just mention it with a nation's name "Russians". If I'm not wrong, Arabs are doing the same. It has nothing with the nation. Just an illegal looking res/tech market. That's all I know.

    The mushrooms must be having a side-effect there?