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    That happened because the previous representative is an imbecile that only discussed points of his own interest. The person with the largest fanbase won, not the best candidate. :) I'm sure there's people capable of representing both.

    Balkans will have 1 representative too and it's consisted of 6 domains, 3 with completely different languages and communities, same goes for Nordics, Baltics...

    The tactic is not an issue, the means of achieving it is an issue.

    And how are these types of accounts achieved besides of mass farming multies / abusing techs 99% of the time it's used?

    Or are you actually gonna say that people go out and build them on a fair way... you and I both know that's not the case, but everyone will go out and defend their achievement claiming it was made on a legitimate way.

    And you just realized it now? Why is that an issue all of a sudden? It's an old thing as someone already said it.

    It basically always was an issue in a way, but over time it became bigger and bigger. I personally don't really mind it that much, as opposed to Tournament it's barely used on regular servers. And even then it's a very popular strategy among Arab alliances.

    I'm slightly curious if Wishmaster will also speak a bit about his point of view about the Tournament. It does belong under .com after all... and yes, I'm very aware that last years representative only talked about TT while not giving a crap about regular servers, but there's no need to make this year be the opposite.

    What we need is the pushing protection limit feature to actually be fixed to work as intended.

    That not being the case is what is causing techs to be where they are now.

    Whenever there is a loophole in the system, it will eventually be exploited... and it's not always the players fault of it being so, but the slacking of game devs not addressing the issue.

    I wasn't aware that I needed to hold a bp to start building WW, along with screw ups when taking BP from friendlies, we lost around 24 hours of building time. Same thing happened at lvl 50, didn't know we needed 2 BPs to be active to keep building after 50.


    Why Wonder of the World construction plans are IMPORTANT

    WW plans are extremely important. In order to begin building a WW in a WW village, the player who owns the WW village must first have a WW building plan. A single building plan will allow the owner of a WW village to build the WW all the way from level 0 to level 49. However, in order for the player to build the WW past level 49 through level 100, another player inside the WW holder's immediate alliance MUST own a second WW plan. This can be ANY other player inside the alliance.

    That's okay if you weren't aware that you need a Building Plan to build the WW, everyone makes mistakes and has a first time experience at something.

    The part that's really funny is... what stopped you from simply trying to build it in the first place before BP spawns? xD

    slave militia has the lowest stats in the game

    Yes, that would make sense, hence the lowest price in the game by far as well.

    slave militia are not good def when fighting atk team with hero as they gave more exp than doing defence.

    Hero XP becomes irrelevant after 100 points in attack bonus. So a level 25 hero is basically equally dangerous than a level 43857384753 hero. :)

    slave militia are not good for passive player,

    True, they're meant to be in an active warzone where their def/time ratio shines.

    slave militia consume lots of crop since they need to stay in big number,

    They don't need to. If you can burn them as fast as you can train them it's all good, not recommended for Anvils for sure.

    slave militia are not effective as reinforcement during hammer atk, or use it as anvil or def WW

    If you're a smart player and time your def to arrive a few seconds infront of an attack, why not? They're the worst stationary def, but that can easily be avoided by timing your troop arrival. As for Anvils, sure, if you could feed it, but there I'd definitely pick Ashes.

    theyre not good def in late game either. not many people use it, if you use than show me

    If you play only for endgame no, but if you've been an active defender the whole server burning though them, they're still your best choice.

    yeah it is the cheapest and fastest troop to train, so everyone call it the best?

    Not sure if you're a troll or something, but they have the best DEF / TIME ratio out of any troop in the game. As long as you can run them 24/7 there's basically no troop that can surpass them. Nobody said anything about the price.

    I get your points, they're a massive pain to feed at some point, but provided you're an experienced player who knows how to manage this... what's stopping you from mass producing them? You can't farm with them, but you can always resort to using Cavalry to farm while having slaves ready for departure any time.

    i add hospital bonus for egyp as their troop especially slave militia to be somewhat useful.

    This is where you prove your knowledge of the game. Slave Militia is the best def/time troop in the game and it's not just ''somewhat useful''. Sure they can be a pain to feed, but that's where Waterworks compensates a bit. :)

    Also I think ELE could school you a fair bit in general, so you might want to drop that cocky attitude of being the smartest kid on the block.

    Let me teach you kids..

    So what you're saying is, that 2x cranny capacity and a boost to garbage merchants is comparable to your suggestions?

    The ideas of 20% bonus CP production from Festivals, 20% cheaper/faster healing from Hospitals and 60 troop fake required/TS works since 1st square are in a league of their own compared to what Romans and Gauls have.

    Try to be more realistic.

    All that and 0 posts/videos about Travian... nice. And the channel hasn't uploaded anything in a year as well.

    I'll bet a large group of people who mainly follow Minecraft gameplay will be super enthusiastic about a clicking game.

    But then again, since the voting is usually decided by who has the most friends, he's likely got a pretty good shot at going.

    Also, the person selling the account is as much of an idiot as the person buying the account, if not bigger. So for example, if someone buys the account from one of your team members, you're not eligible to call the buyer a cheater, when selling them is actually considered an offense.

    Re-read rule #5.

    § 5. Sale/Purchase of game content

    Selling or buying an account, resources, units, villages, Gold, silver or services from third parties is forbidden. The offer to sell or buy game content for money is also forbidden. Accounts may not be given away in exchange for money.