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    X3 but with delayed timelines for arte and plans make it a larger battle

    Might be so, but personally (and it is just that, my personal opinion) is that it is too slow. I tried it 1x, quit relatively quick. And I will never go back to it. Unless something fundamentally changes about the game (and I don't mean NEW features, I mean reverting back to old features). Because a x2 the way you describe it and how it is right now in my eyes is only fun with all the pay2win options GONE. Right now the biggest pile of money wins the game. Your not gonna be able to convince me that the top 5 accounts in the world spend less than 5k gold. There is no way. Or let it even be 10k gold....

    Oh 1 more thing. If you want people like me to play the championship server... Make it a freaking x3. The x2 is soooooooooooo slow..... it is just too boring to bother competing on a global level..... No offense....

    I agree. I miss the servers with thousands of players....

    There are no 10k+ servers any more :(

    I used to be good at mass farming, that was my thing. Now the only thing you need to do is press 1 dumb button to send out legions of farming troops and get your medal..... And the competition and results are much lower than back then. I have been on travian for well over 12 years now, and the only thing Travian has disappointed me in was all the new pay2win options they added through the years and which (in my view at least) has contributed in a large way to killing off the massive player base that used to be loyal to travian.

    If this is a misconception of mine (show me figures of when the numbers dropped vs. dates of when T3.6/T4 was introduced....) please correct me.

    But it feels like once the ''skill'' of farming was made a gold option along with certain other gold aspects, the numbers just flatlined over time.

    Personally (in my view) I understand that there is a business model and Travian needs to create revenue and earn money. I get this.....

    But at some point (it seems in my view of following player trends and numbers, and reasons for them to quit) it seems you crossed a line that basically made alot of players worldwide retire the game and labeling it a pay2win game, whereas pre-2012 it was mostly based on skill, online time(managing your 24/7 teams). Granted, there would still be gold options that would give advantages, but they would often not be a deciding factor.

    Also you could keep the auction/hero system in. But in my opinion, the wavebuilders should stay limited as they are (thats still balanced enough to not be a deciding factor), Farmlists have to go or should be capped in some way to maybe reintroduce (or at least partially reintroduce) the actual skill of being good at farming (getting the competitive vibe back for the thrillseekers like myself).

    If there is money to be made by travian, then just make regular 25% bonusses/plus privilege 5x more expensive..... Make that more of a factor in the game.

    But the making new features up to get people to spend more money on the game, in my eyes has ruined and will continue to ruin the ''massively'' in ''massively online multiplayer game'' that used to be travian.

    Still love the game, I spent about 100/250 euros a month atm (because I am just freaking crazy). But I would like to return back to the old days, not only to reduce my spending (like i said im up for +25% and PLUS advantages to become more expensive to compensate) but also to bring back the skills of being good at the game.

    Right. I am sorry for the lay-out and jumping through thoughts here, but I hope you understand what I am trying to convey.

    I hope travian lives long..... But if it keeps developing the way it is (with hospitals, more gold functions to take away the skill element and such) at some point i am just gonna call it quits again.

    In which case travian will lose about 2000+ euro's a year in revenue (just by me quitting the game, imagine that x5000 or x10000 worldwide over time....)

    I hope you have a great weekend, and hope to see you again soon on whatever server I am playing then :P