This change is solely meant to make alliance and confed limits the same. Later rule changes will address private farms.

    I, and other ambassadors, are well aware that techs are being used for garaging too, and especially I have brought it up with TG. For now though, they first wanted to focus on private farming. But they agreed to look at other ways of teching too later on.

    How can you keep at least 1.5m attacking troops without needing alliance/friend/tech to feed ?

    They should think of increasing corp production and then no one will think about using other villages to garage in.

    Like allowing villages to rise field to lvl 12 and capital to lvl 22 or even more (by decreasing the required materials or increasing warehouse capacity).


    It is not just about the skills.

    We have a life stuff to do.

    Like sleeping and working and family time at different time zones.

    Also, some times we have occasions to attend and sickness times etc.

    It is a habbit that we give our passowrd to someone (one/two or more coordinators) who is available and capable to coordinate mass attacks on the same second to multi targets (some times we target 30 fields with more than 20 accounts, that is more than 600 launches to do at the same arrival time with 0 second tolerance ), and it is hard to set all these attacks individually as some players maybe sleeping or working ..etc at the launching time.

    These are some great ideas and very simply to implement.

    I like bringing back the emassy rule and add more rules for it. Actually the whole alliance thing need to be improve and be more benifitable.

    Also, I think showing the hero gear no the front page of home village is important. And it will be more usefull if they add any notification to the troops building when the training helmet is active.

    I don't know why do you make these rules for ?

    You know that it is impossible to attack on marches without handing yor account passowrd to the coordintor to launch fakes and actual attacks on same time for all players. And you also know that it is impossible to attack in any way but marching with other member to disoriant the defending troops (aka mass number of techs troops).

    Either you make an easier way to march or cancel this rule as you canceled the rule of playing for others benifit.


    What kind of notification? E.g. an IGM or a small number-notification, if it is the last, then where?

    A little ( :!: ) sign on the alliance icon the same as the one on the tasks icon.

    Maybe this sign will be more useful if you add more control elements on the alliance page.

    Something like (request for reinforcement showing the time and maximum number number of corps) or (request for resources) or (request for attacking a specific target and show the preferred time of arrival).

    Most of tech accounts are used for both defense and farming.

    The new rule will make it a little bit harder to get multi benefit of tech account.

    But players will go around it, and TG must consider of long cooldown for allince to send/get reinforcement (not less than 48 hours).

    Also, it will be more better if they could put a raiding limit even for the villages outside the conference (including natars), like you can raid only 20% of hour production or storage.

    Travian is dying when it comes to the number of active players (humans) per server.

    Tech account is keeping it alive a bit longer and keeps the big players (and big money) in the game.

    Without techs and natars, the game is unplayable.

    If you consider never as "near future", you are most likely correct.

    So, you think it is not helpfull ?

    Maybe for you and for offensive players who are counting for raiding only and don't mind to have some full warehouses because they have more than they need.

    But for a defense players it is important.

    The main problem for having tech accounts is lack of players on the servers.

    Increasing the number of Natar villigaes by making them able to settle in new fields and decrease the number of trained troops on them will help normal players to even more raiding and overcome those with tech accounts.

    For smithy, the troops always have the level of their home town.

    Palisade applies to all troops defending the village, no matter their origen.

    For the hero, the hero bonus itself applies to all of your own troops defending with the hero, doesn't matter what their home village, or the home village of your hero is. For the hero weapon, it only applies to troops from the hero's home village defending together with the hero.

    Are you sure about hero defence bonuses ?

    I always thought it only applies on home village troops.

    The hero experience points gained effects by all account defending troops but the bounce only applies for home village.

    I don't like to lose any little bit grain of resources.

    I alwayes turn on 25% plus on all types of resources and I always manage my resources to have 0 loses.

    I don't recall the last time when I found my warehouses are full, It must never happened before!

    But that takes hell alot of my time and effort.

    I have turned to an empolyee in my travian account! Actually more like slave than employee.

    The marketplace page is the most page that I use and spend alot of time on it everyday, as it is one of the most important tools on the game.

    The trading routes are helpfull to shortnen the wasted time on MP, but the problem is that I need to update the trading routes in many cases and then setting them back as they were.

    For example, I have 480 trading routes (to 20vil x every hour) from my 15c Capital to my 20 villages (I chose certain times as the merchant capacity allows, e.g send to first village on 0:00 and second village at 0:13 etc.. ), I also have 480 trading routes from my villages to the Capital (24 route per village).

    That takes alot of calculation and measuring.

    My problem is that I need to change these routes over and over again.

    For example If someone on my allaince got a trainig artifact I reinforce him, and I have to erease all of my trading routes from all villages and redirect them to the new target.

    After the artifact is moved I need to set the trading routes again.

    Also, from sometime to another I need to update most of the same trading routes according to the current crop production and granaries capacity which is very annoying and takes alot of time.

    Also, when I set 1 x 24 (everyhour) trading route, If I have done any mistake in amount of resources of sending time or target I will have erease all routes and set them back as it is very hard to find and edit the wrong ones between 480 routes!

    So, I seggust that you add (Trading List) to the marketplace.

    You can create as many TL as you want per village.

    The setting of trading list should be similar to trading routes, but they should have the ability of editing and activation.

    When you finish setting your TL it will create new trading routes accordingly.

    When you edit or inactive a trading list, all the linked trading routes will be deleted.

    When an artifact moved, Village conquered or dystroyed, the TL will be inactive aotmatically and all linked routes will be deleted.

    This feature will be a great add to the game and I hope that you cand add it to the implmentation soon.

    I perfer that if someone send his settlers to a field , it should be blocked for all other players or at least add some notification telling them that someone has sent his settlers to that place.

    Do you need a month to prepare one poll? It seems to me that you are rather waiting for the players to calm down and get used to. I never understood how it's possible that we've been waiting for your reactions for so long.

    After more than a week since the release of version 4.5, the first official statement came. :thumbdown:

    Actually one day is enough unless the survey will have some alternative building shapes and colors to vote for