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    i played travian seriously around 3 years ago, yesterday my friend asked me to join him on a week old server, i actually have quite a few questions in mind.

    how important is the first week? being a second week player, does it mean i cant create a successful guild with my friends and compete for the ww?

    how important is the highest climber medal? i remembered myself trying to get one last time (and succeed) but does it really matter (for example: allowing me to get into a top guild)

    what should my early game strategy be? i have heard of people upgrading mainly iron and barracks to boost the population in order to get the highest climber, does this actually work? how badly does it effect your early game growth?

    as a roman, how many troops do i need to have by the end of my 120 hours protection? or is a guild all i need? in my experience, people tend not to attack others in a top guild.

    with hero levelling, is fighting strength the thing i should try and max out first? or is this wrong? should i sell my cages early for quite a bit of silver or should i capture animals instead?

    theres a 125% 15 crop literally 2.8 squares away from me, i feel incredibly lucky as i know how insane it can be but at the same time i have no idea what i should do? should i rush level 10 residence and settle a village there and mane it capital? or should i settle village around it so i can protect it? is having a 15c as a second village really a good idea? my friend says it isn’t but i really want it and i am afraid someone will get there before me

    i an sorry i asked a lot of questions, i hope its not too much... thank you in advance