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    its like exodus want us to wage war on 2 fronts and make a decisive victory as soon as possible

    you are talking about wicked off. villa, tell me what did he do with it?! as far as i know medellin sniped many hammers from his off. villa in dacia's territoty.

    fact is, every big off. operation from your side at our mera was a complete failure.

    but do plz count our lost res. as a victory or a major achievement! when you have no real success made up some:)

    as for ML meta, yes you did put up a fight and you walled many. but at the end you have lost all your BP sites and your center.

    i wonder why the arabic leaders of ML don't comment in this thread, is it because im here 8o

    have you already forgotten that someone of your META informed the ML leader about our target in one mission against them? 🤔🤔

    i really don´t know that, but do you suggest that you have been manipulated by both sides ?!

    Don’t worry about Pattanza bro :)

    not at all, they have done their best in this server, i respect their effort but i think now they don´t have much left.

    We are very greatful that the ML baited us to splat all troops. Just got an idea, we now have crop for the WW! Awesome, I just wish we were the ones coming up with that idea ourselves!

    are you angry after the crash ?! do what emerik does.. just say that we have lost lots of res. :P

    Have you already forgotten your attempt to negotiate with ML to come up against us? 🤔

    didn´t you see our brutal war here in the forum:)
    and how many of my posts against them were deleted
    i stopped poking them because it got out of controll and my leaders asked me to chill down a pit 8)

    Stop acting like victim nothing major enough happend for meta that big to be short on deff now your excuses looks just silly

    i am proud of my meta, i don not display myself as the victim !!
    i have just made an analysis to our position till this point..
    we are not giving up, we will go all the way to the end
    and i as said earlier " its very flattering to have many metas, big and small, attack us then crash at our city walls"

    war on 2 fronts from 2 big metas and a small meta, many alliances were send to our sector to disturb our building up..
    it was simply a war of attrition against us from all sides !

    we managed to wall them all, but i know that our chances are very little for the end game.

    ML did a very clever thing by joining Pattanza in the off. operation like they were allies, but only to alert us indirectly where the real attaacks would be.

    we walled all the real attacks and lost deff. in the process.

    Pattanza didnt know that they were baited from ML to sacrifice their armies at our city walls, and by that they eliminate their danger because they are located in the ML sector

    i dont really know much about ML, but for sure they have many WWH and a solid deff. they have not been participating in a fearsome war against anyone for long.

    RU-> the ssilence before the Storm

    DACIA-> must have a solid def and good off.

    as i said earlier, im proud of what my meta achieved we have walled more troops more than all other metas combined

    UNION has won the finals until now and that's a fact.

    although it depresses me to admit this, but its really true..

    the russians were quite the whole server like its the silence before the storm..
    we were literally torn apart by this war of attrition as i mentioned earlier
    the russians had NAP on their borders so SE and NW had no one left to fight except us

    i have already congratulated all my team members in the rebels-group to what they have achieved so far, and i don´t care about who is going to win.
    we did our best and i´m very proud of my team mates.

    and now when you come to think of it, the ML have just eliminated the danger of Pattanza at the costs of our defense!
    it´s like a proxy war, where ML wanted both teams to loose as much as possible.

    just a food for thought, have the pattanza considered that during the operation ML fakes have been leaked to us?!

    I think every quads have the whole server as adversaries,dont we?

    indeed, but when you get attacked by many metas it becomes very exhausting and you loose much in such war of attrition !
    don´t forget, all what happened till now is nothing, the server will enter the deciding phase after BP.
    and for that you need a solid defense..
    but even though it´s always satisfying to wall your opponents off. operations despite their numerous attacks8)

    the question arose to me after reading this blasphemy - is our small alliance - PHARAOHS is considered tech accounts? if so, the proof shall be required. no lies shall be accepted. our walls is being besieged by the armies of vietnam far before the magical artifacts arrived to this server. and our protectors, our troops held they'r ground and won every battle, every attack hence fending of the attackers. so if you have in mind our small group of barely 20 and call tech accounts- i shall request to take your lies back or give proof that our small number of players are tech accounts.

    since our group is alone, no allies, no enemies, no friends, no foes. no one wanted us here, no one welcomed us here, since beginning of server when dacia lost 17 accounts with descent rulers, armies of invaders from vietnam came. they'r goal to take our lands, destroy our people was in vain. however this never stopped them from trying, till this very day they try and try, and result never changed. we have stayed where we came.

    hey there,

    you are most welcome to join us in the next tournament, if you want.
    we in the uollas-arab (NE) meta have the whole server as enemies and we would like to have new friends who are willing to fight among our ranks.

    feel free to contact us 8)


    We stand tall like TITANS, how many waves of attacks they send at us, and how big these waves are, they crash like water on rocks

    i have deleted the former post because the links are working now :P

    the only meta that have not attacked us yet, are the russians!
    it´s really flattering to have all kind of different big and small metas attack us, and then crash at our walls!
    i think our walls in this tournament have exceeded the greatness of the great wall of china!

    this is a picture of our latest walls

    with <3 from our proud meta

    You should study how the artefacts moved that day, it was a trade with no money involved. We got something we needed and so did they. You are free to post your opinions here as you like, but stop creating false rumors please or your credibility will be 0.

    i´m talking about our stolen slight fool artifact, and their attempt to steal the trainer and to destroy a WWH village

    go back to this post and you will know what i am exactly talking about
    before the server begunn i was one of many who called for unity among arabs, but sadly its impossible rather better not to unite with these ML leaders

    Just a small off-topic here: Are you.. somehow.. colorblind? I have been seen you use that hashtag for a long time to hit him up, but... his shirt was Pink :S

    no i´m not:D. i really don´t know why i wrote purple instead of pink. i think that was a miss-translation from my behalf.:saint:
    any way the hashtag did it work on him:!::D:D:D:D:D
    he is very easy to provoke after that you can only enjoy his reactionary comments and laugh.
    i´m here for the fun, as you can see :evil:

    The delusion of some of you is insane. NE has done nothing all server but lose Artefacts and BP but keep telling people you're putting on a great fight, noobs.

    With <3 from the quad that has taken a lot from your meta all server, NW.

    plz don´t copy my signature at the end of the letters, come up with your own style

    (with <3 from NE) has almost become an official travian mark for my meta

    and let us not forget about the hashtag i gave you #Purple_Shirts, after that you had to call for help from your friends to aid you in this thread

    i really enjoy your comments here, but i also feel bad for you. you get roasted every time you say something in the forum.

    so sad!

    You dont need to... everybody know how that work,but not everybody come here crying for legit play.

    who is crying?!

    i simply replied to the #ML_CASH about their whining due to hacking; when they themselves broke our deal.

    Mr loffe was questioning our play style and i´m not gonna reveal it to any one. you can think what ever you want.

    plz don´t mix my previous comments to a certain group about a certain issue with other comments.

    so sad!

    but then again, why so serious?!