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    Artefacts, im not 100% sure, but i think its the same as WW.

    i don´t think that artifacts affect the WW :/
    the reason behind demolishing my villa was just making sure that i didn't leave a single factor out of the equation! :P
    did it affect my hit or not, i simply don´t know :/:S

    At the time if it went on >> M.L & HIT's Wonder it would have been a game changer...

    a miscommunication and a miscalculation provided the win for ML!

    i was really shocked when i knew that there is only one WWH left after the attack on HIT-WW

    You do know popbonus doesnt effect WW right?

    didn't know that :/:S

    And the popbonus only effects the defender, not the attacker :osd:

    well anyway my WWH did what it was supposed to do :saint:

    Ok, thanks. Btw i think there is no moral bonus on WW and villages with art :D

    what do you mean with "art"?!

    Can you explain to me what is the point of leaving the alliance? I don't know if you did it before or after the impact. but if you did before, it seems like a stupid move to me, you lose 10% of metallurgy...

    i didn't leave the alliance before the hit, i left after the hit. because Rebels were the deff group of the WW
    i left and a defensive player joined in..

    we had a problem that our WWH alliance didn't complete the 10% metallurgy in time, so i had to stay in Rebels..
    which was a waste of a defensive player for the WW

    but what i did before the Hit was to demolish all my buildings except for one single great Granary, to maximize the effect of catas

    A small WWH turned into the 4th on the server with only 3 techs xd

    thanks to all my friends who helped me build it especially this Noob RAMBO.SA

    all the Gratitude and respect to my leaders mighty M..G..M and the Pharaoh Omaross

    i really enjoyed the Spam here in this thread, sometimes i almost fell from my chair because of laughter

    Cheers to the Winners!

    a proud rebellious Rebel - Baraka

    as a HIT you were outstanding, you had more deff in WW than the #Khowals in ML and almost as much deff as the other 3 big metas in the server!
    you captured 2 BP, and survived in a very hostile environment.. Cheers to you

    the ML leaders are now talking like they planned every thing form day 1 and every thing went their way!
    this sick mentality is appalling.
    they lost center didn´t get any BP and then were forced to take the nap and later the alliance with you
    because of their weakness and dead weight PL

    i have already congratulated some of your leaders in HIT for what they did in this server.
    at the very end we were more concerned about your WW than ML
    we had a miscalculation and a miscommunication and that´s how ML got away

    Congratulation for the Win, Cheers

    LOL look who's talking. Remember when you said we bought the architecture artefact? :D

    You are trying since day 1 to make peace with us. Sending many players and trying to find someone to listen to you but when we refused you got mad. Even Uollas leaders tried to make peace and wanted our help to fight HIT. :D You will always be LOSERS!. Try to play with Russians next time maybe you can win. Well, if they accept you. As your leader once said "Uollas is a great ally and they are strong. In fact, too strong that others are afraid of them and no one will attack them and we will play in peace" I always laugh when I hear our players make jokes about this great saying. :D :D

    classic ML mentality, distorting facts once again

    so is your slogan , if they can´t prove me lying then my lies will pass as truth?!

    by the way the Uollas that you are mocking, didn´t loose their center and they managed to capture 4 BP
    while your dead weight PL did loose every single battle till the end

    the real winner of this tournament is HIT

    my greetings to all the #Khowel members, that you have ;)

    Yes it was the big big NAP that was agreed on since the beginning but it was a top secret known to only few leaders

    hey stop lying,

    your polish squad told that you refused the NAP but you had to accept it after the Chinese and the russians drove you out of the remaining sites of BP

    dont try to make yourself the great planer, you are just a Pinocchio..
    as always pathetic

    I warn other metas do not play with the poland in the next championship. Real weak players who need a strong ally just to stay afloat not to mention victory.
    Look how chinese just moved them for two weeks before BP.

    they lost everything but the HIT saved them by capturing 2 BP.. it was the big big NAP that turned into a meta ;)

    I don't need to learn english i just learn how to make you cry in the game

    you did nothing, you were just there :)
    if i remember correclty you cried about your WW when we RAMBO.SA hacked it´, while you were watching Spiderman!
    i´m here for the spam mr Khowal :D

    I see so much frustration in baraka 's posts. Why is that?

    not at all, i´m not interested in you personally, don´t forget you are the Pattanza! :D
    im just exploiting these ML, who think very highly of themselves despite their mediocrity.
    i like whipping their backs and i think they really do enjoy it ! :saint:

    Decent scripts there mate. Goes well with the teamviewer.

    don´t spam there #pinky Carbon
    indeed it goes just fine with the team viewer
    i love my shenanigans ;)

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