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    I think u are 100% right regarding clasic servers. coz there 1.1 rule is still in force and friendly chiefing is not allowed. so i beleive in such case where dual#1 makes a friendly chiffing of village of dual#2 and after that they moving to one account - is a 100% violent of that 1.1 rule, coz one account was builded for another.

    But what if in the middle game something bad happend to account#2 Is it not allowed to gift the rest of your villages to the account#1 and then go playing as dual on that account#1? Is it considered as violation? And also would it be a violation to gift rest villages to your teammates?)

    In my opinion it's pretty hard to determine if violation take place. But whatever happen - better call Soul!)

    Anyway, regarding Codex Victoria: 1.1 has been changed and "play for own benefit" is not regulated now. So any count of accounts now can play for your benefit, the only rule is - u cant do it yourself (multi), but all your friends and family can now support u. That was not players decision, that decision was made by TG. And honestly i still have no idea why players are discussing it between each other but not with TG. Why dont you ask TG to make more clarification or make a change?

    I read that whole comment and as I said it's not against the rules. But it is still looked down upon. It's really a sad strategy of players who lack any skills in this game.

    MindFreak_LT as ELE stating, duals are not against the game rules as written. And it has long been common for duals to start separate accounts and than delete one account. This is not having a multi-account. They each own one account and once they decide on which one is the better one, the weaker one is deleted. They are each playing one account. It is only after the second account can the dual join the first one.

    I'm sorry but what has travian fallen into? That is not multi accounting. But it is kind of the same thing. And no, it hasn't been common. It is always looked down on. What has travian degraded into for the forum mods to drop such comments?

    I do know it's not against the rules. But for over a decade that I've known about travian this sort of strategy is never encouraged. Added to that this forum is all about ban accusations. The level of players has fallen way too low. There was a time when forums were a fun place.

    I see too much Bedlam in there :D

    They do have some LzMz s, PFUs and HK+852 around some of them btw.

    Hush let the small allies lurk in the shadows for now.

    P.S. forums are dead. I come back after years and all I see are greens arguing about bans and cheating. Can't expect old ways of forums to return.

    Sure, but would that get them the princess?

    That aside, Heathens didn't bother replying. I'm a bit disappointed. Only a bit.

    I guess the people from Heathens did get triggered xD I was hoping for it. See, it only takes a little to get on the nerve of people whose pride has been shattered right at the beginning.

    Before anyone else writes another long paragraph. I'd only say one thing. What we expect from Heathens when they boast it openly that they won the previous round is that they'd at least maintain a position of competition with respect to the other party. But on this server, Bedlam (as much as I hate to say it) have already created a vast difference. Not just about the regions but also the strength. Anything about that?