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    Yes NE have a lot of mini hammers to hit WWs (Or just one WW ) with but against opponents with large WW def, how much damage will they do? Also large WWKs will also hit their WW hard due to their lack of defence.

    According to all fights involving uolas, I'm splitted by two metas that may receive their hammers, maybe with a preference to one :D

    Thanks, appreciate the comment. I don't have the pretention to be omniscient and having full knowledge about the server, so that's why some things can be missing.

    I highlighted in your post a sentence where i would like to share my opinion about:

    1/ I think noone is/was spitting on whatever DT did, but unlike warsong they suffer from a lack of presence in the forum. As you may have notice, some people here are cocky. Both Uollas and Exodus representants here are. What are you willing to do against a cocky person ? Show his/her mistakes to all. That's why warsong's name was recurring here.

    2/ Besides what people claims about multies (ops, tech accounts), they also enjoy watch big armies splat or chief or kill def, in short they like to see reports of big armies to have a comparizon. Without disrespecting what DT did, I'm pretty sure warsong has more abilities than any other DT, more gold, more artifacts, more people checking the account (it seems they are a trial) at every hour of the day, and of course more resources in a way or another.

    That's why the audience attention was focused on warsong more than on any DT.

    So basically you just give me all the argument i needed to affirm that UNION are the favorite to win this server ?

    Way better organization in op, way better people executing the op leading to no crashes.
    No crashes, so quicker will be the next operation and bigger UNION's armies will get.

    And having all WWK simming peacefully, hard to imagine UNION loosing this server.

    Furthermore i didn't said that UNION were intraquad-war free, but i said they were interquad war-free. And that's a big change. With an interquad war, things can drastically change. Accounts with GS+GB queues for more than 50days requires more attention in analyzing incomings than accounts used on daily war purposes. That's were uollas were impressive, whatever we do agree or not with their words, they have a long list of actions speaking for them.

    Exactly, fake news. There was never a NAP between NW and SW.

    Not sure what any of these guys are talking about.

    Imagine how hard is for leaders to control 800 members in your meta. You can't check everyone everytime you need.
    The NAP is just between leaders, they agreed together not to do coordinated actions against. But don't worry, there is plenty of post here in the forum that confirms the NAP between Ru-team and Dacia.

    About Malysh's fool i don't know the entire story, but as having it always in the outback near UNION border, it 's truly surprising that UNION never launched big hammers with a titans boots effect to chief his hammer. I mean, the guy is alone, surrounded by a fun club, with his teammates def very far and i don't think UNION is struggling to find 3/4 hammers that can overcome 1kk wall. Or is it basically impossible to organize?

    We are very greatful that the ML baited us to splat all troops. Just got an idea, we now have crop for the WW! Awesome, I just wish we were the ones coming up with that idea ourselves!

    I am sorry, are you trying to say that NewItalians were somehow tricked by ML to send their hammers in predeterminated locations? The message is very unclear.

    First congrats to your def points, you showed that you can be an outsider but for a non-active player on this server this message can be misinterpreted and for an active player it may be interpreted as propaganda. Let me explain myself.

    UNION has won the finals until now and that's a fact. But as know, server ends with a lvl 100 WoW, since we aren't at this point it might not be what will happen in the next weeks.
    How did they won ?
    They did a lot of "underdesk" strategy, and not Clinton-Lewinsky's one (if you know what i mean ;) ). Server started with UNION having a NAP with NW meta (Exodus + Dacia) and NewItalians in SE.
    By doing this, UNION had quiet borders all server long. With a favorable artifact rotation they also manage to get the most importants uniques (UD+UT). Without war on the border (which is exhausting), UNION was able to focus their ressources in doing WWK (checking at top raid it seems even 2/3 WWK in account for the one who took UT) and defenses (sometimes there is an egyptian def near Ramolin (UD owner) in top raid).

    While the others quad,

    Dacia+Exodus : no internal war (unless you consider chiefing SPQR's spawns without resistance as a war) -> able to focus all their energy and strenght against uollas meta. Wicked and Luffy not a lot of results near 5/40 (furthermore it seems luffy even lost off capital hammer), but warsong litteraly did a hole in the map near bp spawn.

    NewItalians : Had an internal war within arties against Marshall-Law meta then pna. It seems they did PNA with the chinese since the start as I haven't seen any reports/actions against them from NewItalians. After artifact, while MC and ML were fighting against each other and NewItalians acted like "none of my business" they started to focus near 100/0, this leading to send attacks against Uollas meta.

    To summarize, you (as uolas meta) were torn in between two quads whom saved a lot of energy into war due to PNA with other poles and intra quad. As being on 2 front war, I assume you were chosen because you were given as weak. Weak, not because you are stupid and unable to properly analyse attacks, but because you have to split energy, resources and defense between 0/+ (newitalians border) and +/0 (exodus+dacia border).
    Dacia+Exodus had a choice between 2 quad : Uollas or SE. I assume by distance considerations, the most obvious option were to go against Uollas, where furthermore uolas willingly sent SPQR to steal artifact (->war declaration)
    Same story for NewItalian, why should they bother Dacia + Exodus meta that hasn't used a lot of def ?
    And UNION decided to focus on the next phase with a lot of WWK+def, instead of doing operation against mc, ml or uolas.

    /my2cents off.

    Actually he already told there is some unbehiaviour on RU-team ?(

    we obviously farm alot of techs too, but atleast we don't try to act like we are "fair players" like you clowns.

    having 2-3 friends

    The big news here is not having 2-3 friends to sim others accounts, but that they are players on travian that got friends :rolleyes:

    well maybe thats the reason why TG made them legal,i guess trying to catch them was too much work :osd::osd:. Also top 10 raiders does not mean someone is cheating, most of the resources come from metas so thats that. I remember last round someone from RU had 8-10 hammers on his account ( i think his ign was "all eyez on me" hope im not mistaken ) and he was farming 1kkk every week. :thumbsup1: Same thing can be said about the current situation too, every meta is pushing few accounts to the max so i dont see a problem with that.

    You mean Focus on Me ?

    I don't doubt that they can still continue training troops. That was not my point. But then again, italian propaganda babyyyyy!

    Hey baby, does you know if there was truly an italian propaganda, they would have shared the logs of the shitty mission you did on medellin a week ago ? :/

    exodus sci-fi movie :wall::wall::wall:

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    AHAHAHAHHAHA What a bunch of loosers :D

    Remember when they mocked Arabs videos and they are doing the same ? Pathetic.