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    The Hero uncovered the most well kept secret of the Natars. They invented Mixed Gender Thermal Baths, it provides the ability to get along with the opposite sex, and therefore the natality rate is much bigger on Natar villages which allows then to expand so fast.

    The hero now has the knowledge to create a Mixed Gender Thermal Baths on every village of his empire, he will now conquer the world by producing 20x more warriors than his enemies, and with 20x more pleasure!

    Nickname : Mike

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    Name: Mike


    There are three possible outcomes,

    1 - Black Black Black,

    2 - Black Black White

    3 - Black White White

    If it was the 3rd possibility, the men that saw the 2 White hats, would have immediately said he has the Black hat. Didn't happen, so this is not possible

    If it was the 2nd, after a while one of the men that was seeing the other two with a Black hat and the other with a White hat, would eventually say that he has a Black hat, because if he had a White hat another person would have already said it first.

    And if no one is saying anything for a long time the only answer can be that all of them are wearing a Black hat, option 1.

    Because of that, it is only possible to guess your hat after so much time.