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    codex victoria

    to figure how to know the hat color you are wearing. the solution is, wait for the other two to answer first

    - if the 1st person answered white, it would mean that he is seeing 2 black hats because the probability of wearing a white hat 66% and wearing a black is 33%

    - if the 2nd person says black it would mean that he is either seeing white and black or double white. hearing the 1st person chose white means he is seeing thhat both 2nd and 3rd person are wearing black. if the 2nd person says black it would mean his seeing the 1st persons hat is white and what the 3rd person is black. otherwise if he says white then he is seeing both black hat since with the probability of having 2 black hat means you have higher chance to have white hat.

    - for the 3rd person the answer will vary from the 1st answer of the 1st and 2nd person. since he can see both hats. and 1st person choose white he is seeing both black. if 2nd person choose white then he sees two black. if he choose black then he sees white and black. since you can see the hat of the 1st person then you would know that the second person sees thhe 1st person wearing black and you wearing white.