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    I am not talking about scouting, I am talking about spying, this rule prohibits to being a spy on two alliances . But, as I told you, this is not the real issue. It's about playing as a family and not being able to check our villages when needed. The same issue is relevant for friends too. Being on other location on map creates a need for other alliance, otherwise, it is not possible to survive.

    lets say there are different opinions about it and many enjoy game more this way. How confederacy system stops you from spying, exactly?

    Hi, reinfore inhibition should be removed. We are playing this game as a family and we had to check our villages sometimes. However, because we are playing in other areas, we cant join to the same alliance. And other than that reason, this is a strategy game and we need some spies on other alliances. Without spies and betrayals, what is the joy of this game ? What can we do for this rule to change ? Please inform me. This is the game that we've been playing for years but we are not having any joy right now.