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    My answer:

    Starting with stone: 3x5=15 the only possible combination where I would get the same number as if multiplied by itself x3.

    Brick: (8x3)+1=25, giving me another 5.

    Lumber: (1x3)+2=5, also giving 5.

    185+185+185=555 ^^

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    My answer:

    Here goes nothing ^^

    Merchant Roman is A

    Merchant Gaul is B

    Merchant Teuton is C

    Smith is 1

    Researcher is 2

    Architect is 3

    Brundisium is X

    Ravenna is Y

    Epidaurum is Z

    We know that:

    A is going to X.

    B and 2 are of the same tribe. But each is going to a different destination.

    B is going to Z.

    2 is going to Y.

    Only one person is going with 2 to Y, by default it's the merchant, potentially can be Gaul or Teuton. That person recently sold an item.

    C just recently sold an item as well.

    2 or 3, potentially one of them is Gaul, bought from 1.

    Since merchants B and C both sold items, one of them should be Gaul and the other Teuton. Now we know that the merchant traveling with 2 is not of the same tribe. The merchant going with 2 just sold an item for 3 times more than 2 could sold. Leaving C to be the one going to Z. Therefore making 2 a Teuton as well traveling with B to Y.

    That leaves us with 1 and 3 between Roman and Gaul... But since the Gaul bought an item from 1, and 2 is confirmed to be Teuton, that makes 3 the Gaul who bought the weapon and 1 to be Roman.


    The Smith is Roman

    The Researcher is Teuton

    The Architect is Gaul.

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    My answer:

    A tough one....

    So, assuming each of those 3 is designated by A, B and C.

    A would know the hat he's wearing if both B and C were wearing white hats. But since they are both black, his hat might be white or black.

    Now B, would also think this way naturally, but... If C was wearing a white hat, A would have guessed his hat if B is wearing also a white hat, which is not the case. Leaving him confused whether he has a white or black hat.

    Which leaves us with C, looking at both A and B, and seeing them confused with their black hats, it would only mean that he also is wearing a black hat.

    A really tough one, I don't even know if I was able to describe it as it should be...

    Or or or, he just looked into the reflection of the polished helmet in the armory nearby or the pearl clasps and found it out haha8o8o

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    My Answer to the Riddle:

    • Marcella is 18
    • Marcella's Father is 54
    • Marcella's Stepmother is 30

    Thank you!