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    Bedlam and Heathens can help THC ? :D

    thought somebody wasn't gonna post anymore?

    also thought somebody was already on delete......

    lol. Aurora "telling players not to attack heathens/bedlam" days after running her hammer and ghost into bedlams and heathen. makes sense.

    some people just are TOO FREAKING AFRAID to do that

    its tactical as well. if they didnt kill enough to see the defense, for benifet in letting the enemy know what you are capable of gathering. Information is power.

    that said, if the other side did the see defense, then there is likely no harm in showing both sides.

    There are no fights between Bedlam and Web anymore in terms of large ops

    I dont think that a day has gone by when we werent fighting with WEB in one way or another. this is madness, and don't forget THC started it with bedlam first by going into Jeru. did you expect us to just sit back and let you take regions without a response? Did you expect us to let you move into our regions while we fight against only web? You're smarter than that. You provoked the hornets nest, then act like a victim.

    One thing is for certain, web has certainly proven themselves a formidable opponent. Can't wait to see how you guys like fighting on several fronts, as we have most of the server. Oh won't be involved in that fighting as you just lost your hammer and ghost. what a coincidence.

    No thanks, I have had enough of our chats. Your words do not match your actions, and I suspect those in THC are also suspicious of your intent at this point.

    While Bedlam arent winning in terms of VP, I love this team because we have stuck to our guns and fought our hearts out. I would rather lose like this than compromise my values like you have Aurora. You are a phenomenal player, there is no argument there, but I dont want to waste any more time with false can't "try" to cheif our hammer one day then play friendly the next.

    Web cancelled nap with THC

    forgive me for my lack of empathy, but I told you so (and you know it) in many of our private chats. And guess what? you just sent one of your allys biggest weapons into our villa, in a transparent attack, without ally cover or support, removing one of the biggest threats THC had over web. now that its it a suprise that literally days after you did this the nap is broken? is it a coincidence?

    if i didnt know better Aurora, I would say this was your plan all along. Well publicized Internal conflict in THC upsetting you, so you get the last laugh by helping WEB make a comeback. As nice as you are to chat with, literally all of your actions have been in favour of web so far. The only question is if it was deliberate, or if they played you like a pawn. I for one vote its a combination of both, they played you, and now its more deliberate.

    You made your bed, now sleep in it.

    IMHO, if THC want to win this, they need to drop the double agents and do whatever they can to maintain their lead and defend their regions from web. the server is almost over, victory is in reach if you just don't give it to them on a platter.

    biggest death toll of any battle in the server so far I believe? may be wrong though :) well played, was impressed with the same second timing from multiple villas.

    i dunno about you guys...but im just waiting to here why there was 1 ram in that attack by lapinas. surely it had to have been a mistake?

    due to the high level of mean and toxic behaviour from opponents and others

    I get it, but don't let them pull you down :) just ignore them and do your thing! that's what we have been doing.

    I do understand the server fatigue though, especially if theres internal drama to deal with. And you have done very well if you really have been solo this server, lm greatful for my duals and not sure if I would have been able to make an account like this on my own. Thats my favorite thing about playing with this crew at bedlam, internal drama is pretty mild and everyone really does seem to get along...for the most part.

    You carried thc on your back, and wreaked havoc with your ghosts! if it is the end, you had a good server.

    again disney try to act like web did wall bedlam only once, while even him was walled by me every time he went on us

    oh, no denying you walled our account a few times. but those ops we had many more armies get through unscathed. thats the reason we made 2-3 working armies to begin with, knowing some would be lost. theres a reason we have never dropped off raiders even when losing a hammer...except for now. this week we did 90 million with spears and pallys

    I was talking about "major" successes defenesively, which was really only that one op where you guys caught almost all of the armies involved. And that was a pretty devestating op, but we recovered.

    doesnt matter if we didnt keep ico...the damage was done in terms of victory point production. If we hadnt taken those regions all likelyhood web would be winning at this moment.

    I do think THC has pretty much won. obviously bedlam are too far behind in points, and web, for all their defensive success don't have the firepower left to take enough regions from thc.

    dont get me wrong, web was strong defensively....but offensively not so much? except for a few instances where large armies were merged in clusters (and yes, they did significant damage) WEB has been a little....limp?. I suppose thats the problem with funneling resources into two players. works in some situations, but not on a larger scale. Defensively they had one huge moment, when so many of our armies walled....but the defensive efforts prior to that were shockingly bad. Maybe it was to lull us into complacency for that big wall? who knows...doesnt matter anymore.

    web showed moments of great success, but ultimately the strategy seems to have failed. I do think if they were a little more....subtle? careful? friendly? politically, they wouldnt have made so many former enemies continue the server with the lone goal of making sure they dont win. lol. You have no idea how many players have messaged me and said something along the lines of..."i dont care who wins as long as its not web"

    It shows that the super aggressive public voice approach works short term, but not long term. THC has done an excellent job of never being the center of attention, carefully choosing allies to keep them out of direct fights, and letting all of us bicker while they established a strong position that will likely take them to victory....of course we won't stop fighting, but in terms of pure victory points, they are looking solid in the lead.

    and kazah, lets be clear, for all your wins, web is losing this server because bedlam and heathens took enough regions from you weeks ago to give thc the chance to quickly catch up victory points. While you were busy merging, commiting resources, and trying to re-take ico and other regions THC was quietly adding to their total. We cost you that win big boy ;) remember that.

    Well, I for one find it refreshing that an enemy is posting post battle reports that are not covered in salt, I didn't see anything wrong with Aurora's post, and honestly thats what we need more of in the forum.

    very different than fighting web, who spin our victories into failures and theirs into works of art.

    That certainly felt coordinated, not sure why we still deny that. I had fakes landing within half an hour of eachother from both WeB and THC some cases on the same villa.why its still advertised as a "nap" makes no sense to me. Good thing all we do is mass train spears now, so we're ready for it!

    thing is kazah, if web doesnt win, then all the talk and bluster is for nothing. you either win or lose, simple as that. Right now...THC looks to be in the prime position to win.

    theres no losing less than another loser. if web is 2nd...youre in the same position as bedlam if we come in 3rd.

    Then....all that strategy, all that "superior gameplay" really means nothing. So if you pull it off and win, I shall humbly put my foot in my mouth and admit defeat. Until then, keep up the good fight! We sure as heck won't quit until the bitter end :)

    ahahah i love how mindfreaks responses just prove my point even more.

    Dude is Kazah's number 1 fan for sure! I just hope when the server is over he actually lets us know which account he was playing on.

    I love this game as much as anyone (and probably complain about it as much too :p)

    but lets be honest....its no longer accessable to the casual gamer in terms of actually having a chance and being succesful.

    There are many many many more "average" players out there...who lets be honest have absolutely no chance when a large account or alliance decides to remove them, often on a whim. I think thats the biggest change from when I started back in 2008/9...back then servers would have 10k active players, it was awesome. now theres probably a third of that, with less than 300 or so "dedicated/skilled" players among those.

    its very expensive to succeed in this game....not so much money (although I challenge you to find a top 100 account that doesnt gold often), but in terms of time its ridiculous. I would love to see a server for new players, somewhere newbs could have a chance at learning without having their souls evicerated by one of us larger players. Maybe alter speeds, etc slightly in that server so they can learn at a reasonable pace.

    likewise, I would LOVE to see servers with certain limits, such as gold limits or merge limits, for those who do want to reduce the pay to win aspects a bit. There are already a ton of servers out there, what harm would there be in dedicating one to players who are particularly opposed to that? Or maybe a "daytime" server for each major people could have a normal life and still do well? I know my wife would appreciate that. lol

    just rambling at this point :) but we have definitly had fun here so far! although it is boring only training spears now.