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    Sadly its not abuse of the system. Any player can use vacation mode, even as a war tactic, provided the pre-requisites are met.

    lol, it was never intended to be a war tactic. it was intended to give players the ability to take a break without getting their accounts totally was designed (as far as I know) to help players engage in life events, etc without having to worry about checking in on their accounts.

    Others have abused it..and i certainly consider creating a tech for the sole purpose of eliminating an enemy croppers effectiveness an abuse of several in game mechanics.

    This is why we can't have nice things.

    Speaking about techs...

    One of mine just whispered that Tikopia oasis is on a vacation... Are these rumours true?

    one of Loffe's crews old tricks, they did it to us on the special to settle a grudge. Someone else doing it this time though right?

    Super dirty if you ask me, going on vacation should make the oasis free. Just another example of someone finding any way they can to gain an advantage through abusing the system.

    Ethically just as low as buying russian resources in my mind.

    Not my fault your player scammed us on gold
    But also yes even thought i wasnt the one vacation moding.

    will be fun to have a proper server with you! that was one of the oddest experiences I have ever had...I must say. I still don't know which side to believe :P btw....wasn't he your friend or something from a previous server? that was my first time playing with him....

    almost none of the core bedlam group are here, a few on anglo i think, but not us. I only really came for something to do during lockdown tbh.

    Not fairing so well at the moment, I feel like the cheerleader at a football party. hahaha will probably be out soon and wait for the next normal speed.

    So who are the strong alliances this server? I gotta admit, theres a lot of new faces! Most of the bedlam crew is waiting on the normal speed server later on, so theres only a few of us playing this round.

    This can be a place for rumours, banter, and general discussion of the comings and goings of the 2x Codex Victoria!

    Happy to be back with my original crew :) (PS..we totally were the rightful number 1 attacker from last Codex :P :P :P)

    Good luck all and thanks for the memories! was one of the funnest servers from start to finish that I have had in ages.

    I'll be taking a lengthy break, possibly till the next special....but then again if i had a dollar for everytime i said i would quit travian....well i would have a lot of gold :P

    lol this is the best the forum has been all server. Must say, even getting third we (disney princess) had the most fun we've had in travian in a long time.

    Looking forward to taking a little break then diving back in with the friends we made from Bedlam! its funny because we joined the Beta after playing with TEN on another server, our goal of the beta was just to meet some cool people to play with, and it couldnt have worked out better!

    turned out that I had played with some of the Bedlam people from way back in the MDS/TM days in like 2008-2010, and even some players (one of the guys on Beerhunters in particular) were our former enemies when we were in TEN just last year (kicked our asses as well). And I gotta add....except for that whole brief ghostrider thing, it was a drama free server all things considered. That is a very rare acheivement for any ally.

    Leadership did a great job, the whole team fought long past the time most would have quit, what more can you ask for? (well...a win? lol)

    Sprinkle in some worthy opponents and a little bit of (russian) salt, and you have all the makings of a fun server.

    lol anyone else notice kazah's keyboard only seemed to function when web were having good moments? then total silence when things don't go according to his master plan :p

    curious to know what web's feelings towards to his attitude were....and if they will ask him to shut it next server so they don't end up in the same situation?

    lol yes Ragnar was really impressive this server.

    honestly, we needed web and thc to fight sooner for us to have a chance... (and to be fair....web needed that as well :p), you guys took forever for the inevitable split everyone was expecting. lol.

    great server, had a ton of fun. Trash talk on forums aside, WEB were tough opponents and THC has some strong players as well.

    love the logic of some people...say they dont care, say they accomplished their goals...yet furiously gold up villas non stop. Not saying who in particular....wouldnt want anyone to lose face ;)

    generally, I’d say most of us weren't overly hateful

    I totally agree....but its often those who speak the loudest that are heard...and in this case it was Kazah and Mindfreak who consistently spoke the loudest. I have no doubt thats not his real life persona.....but the irony is there was real discussion within Bedlam over the THC/WEB situation, and the one factor that seemed to draw the most passionate responeses for either side was general sportsmanship/respect shown. I get the trolling is an act...but when it starts hurting you maybe its time to stop? lol.

    anyways, gg all. would happily fight you again in the future, and would love to play with some of you one day.

    btw....jiio, kazah, now that we have reached the begining of the end...please, tell us, for the love of god, who was mindfreak in game? lol.