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    Thanks Buli,

    if the likes are counted as votes then i have put my Vote for ELE. I have come back to Travian after almost 7 yrs to play the Codex server and from much of the time i was playing against Bedlam and was amazed around the rate at which the team was improvising. When i finally thought of hanging the boots as my alliance was breaking apart with majority of the players gone, i thought of talking to Bedlam team and the way they welcomed and supported me to play on was amazing.

    Travian to me was never about winning medals it was always about team work, support and precision. It is one of those games where you do not really know your team member much, you dont share many commonalities other than playing travian. What stands out is Leadership that can motivate people to stay together, support each other and walk on leaderships Guidance, and such leadership is delivered by words and supported by deeds. I am in complete agreement with you about ELE and her leadership.

    Thanks Buli for the nice write and wish many more will support ELE to be the recognized as the Legend of this year.

    Vote ELE