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    this codex was great loved the new tribe in it especially huns hope they make it in other servers. the feature that you can access another tribe troops and building was great opened up so many potential. but the way players forced to increase pop was a downside not much action it was all go settle here and there and push more pop (maybe cause half server left after the bug fix and a quarter lost faith in game become inactive). i loved how it was engaging from start not like other servers where in first half i was just sharpening my troops for the real fights and after while i lost interest in fight. also that the players had access to artifact from the start throw planing out the window couldn't calculate if this attack is real or fake couldn't calculate how many spies will make it couldn't calculate how many ram cata needed. anyway anywhere you added hun tribe with that sweet marksman count me in.

    Iron is 5 u got 3x5=15 its a up down sum so u write 5 and 1 goes up to next digit sum cause of that Iron is 5 only number that 3x of it result in a number with first right digit would be same as the number.

    Bricks or Clay is 8 cause 3x8=24 and +1 from previous sum u get 25 which u write down the 5 here Iron 2 goes up for next digits sum

    Lumber or Wood is 1 cause 3x1=3 and +2 from previous sum u get 5 which u write down 5 the Iron

    and the answer of the sum is 555 hence 3 Irons