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    we didn’t launch eghs on your ww during that op. Your wwr had zerodef because you believed our getter plan. These are completely different situations.

    I am not sure about what you mean. I always answered your points while you often failed to. Also, you have batman who always say delusional things. However, I never call you out for what batman says on forum. You see the problem?

    if you would be on anglo 1 server chat, you could see that I came clean instantly after the ban there. You can check it . I wasn’t online on com2 during the time because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with so many hate. You see, anglo 1 chat is much more reasonable and fair than com2 ever will be.

    also saying “why didn’t you admit buying res before you get banned” is the same if I would say that gunners should have admitted getting in to our getter before getting caught.

    I am trying to repeat we were discussing about born2b1 and not about last server.

    The facts are we kicked a cheater boi and u recruited him immediately.

    And ascky can u see somebody from gunners crying on the forum about the techs of duat? We have it ofc like you have it too. So the threat of 1qaz have 0 sense.

    Mr ajax it was not I who sidetracked the conversation about what happened last server. I said I lost my wwr with 0 defenses like you and tuaski did. Do you see somewhere a comparison between my performances and yours?

    I was talking about born2b1.

    So why do you say you found 0 defenses on me when you did the same? Why don't you tell 1qaz that what he says doesn't make sense (since you're a leader) and that you have the techs too. Do you realize that your consistency is equal to 0? We were talking about born2be1 and you immediately screwed up the conversation. I thought you were the only one in the goW to admit the facts but until you are caught buying resources you did everything in the discord to say the opposite. LMAO. On the part of my broken English I know I'm sorry, lol.

    Do u want some ss about how much deff we found on ajax's wwr and tauski's wwk?

    You've been crying for everything since last year, maybe you should stop caring about what's going on in other alliances and focus on your alliance and his image.

    And I repeat no one has ever tried to recruit born2b1 back, otherwise what sense would it have kicked? Rather, let's talk about how low you have to go to recruit people like him.

    But this is normal for an alliance whose leaders have all been caught buying resources illegally.

    P.s your guy 1qaz had done a threat about the duat's techs, you don't ? So shut up.

    we were talking about born2be1, what does my wwr have to do with it? Don't change my course my dear Ajax's puppet8o

    As for the techs, it was you who said that buying resources and having techs is the same thing and above all crying that duat had and have techs ... crying about something one does so much better than you is just gow

    if u want to talk about the wwr, what happened to ajax's wwr and tauski's wwk?:D

    Nobody asked him to go back my dear Sheldon but if you read my conversation with him it was to understand what direction he has taken and to make him understand that goWs are not the ideal alliance for him.

    You do everything you can to discredit the Gunners, but from which pulpit? The facts speak for themselves. In addition to having 5 bans for illegally purchasing resources, you have even recruited one who did the same. How far can you go down? And don't tell me that the other alliances have techs, you don't?

    The funny thing is that you are proud to have illegally purchased resources.

    I mean you can joke all you want, but the fact still remains that more then one of your leaders tried to recruit us.

    So did Gunners & Vices, im not denying that but we still said no to everyone.
    What you choose to belive is up to you, but it will become pretty obvious sooner or later that we're not with them :)

    dear loffe,

    do you have any proof that gunners tried to convince you to join us?

    Because to me it is not really .. :D

    Same team whose A** you had to lick to get your alliances name on the Winning WW ?

    Are you sure it was the gunners who started to lick your as*? before talking maybe consult with your superiors.