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    i remember a time when in TRAVIAN.IR ( IRAN ) servers would not allow you to register because it was full :) that was a good day . i remember a time when we had up to 10 active wings of alliance in each of the sides . lets be honest , with all of the new mobile games , travian is slowly dying , and i dont like that . ive been playing travian for so long and i love the game and i want to keep playing it even more but in the new servers , when you reach artifact times there are under 200-300 active players and thats not good .

    if it makes server better and brings more people gather , i think you have 100 % do it

    another great attack from my friend , " rough "

    its funny , you dont know anything about ZAKHAR alliance and still talk like this :)

    our alliance is not an iranian alliance , yes i`m from IRAN , but 90 % of the players and other leaders are from all over the world . :D and what did iranian did to you my friend that you are so angry with them ?


    If the Iranian players were good, they would be strong on their own 😞

    Iranian players didint came to this server as a team :) next server we will show you guys the true power of iranian players and dont forget something :D 1600 gold , is worth 1 month of a average iranian worker , so another reason why we cant be strong is that

    No im not ...

    Why Zakhar joined north east ? Do they know what happen after north east beat other sides ?

    i think it make unbalanced server

    why we joined NE , thats a good question , we wanted to form a good alliance With DE first , but they have no respect for us :) thats why we had to join NE to become stronger , i wanted to have a unite side but i just couldnt do it :(

    lol mention your account name here and then talk so we know u have have guts to do rather then just talk in here and bad in game i don’t want to talk more about my game play here I am playing decent and not in hurry

    that is how i do things , i first show you , then i talk in here :)

    It’s to early to talk about WW yet & as far now people are busy simming and thinking about 3 rd villa & about Alliance merge we have good deff team and off too yet many perfect experienced people too some with 9 years and feels good all play as team..

    i`m thinking about 5th village :P :D

    thats true but i dont see any activity in my side , and thats kinda sad for me , i hope later i will find a good alliance to join and we could go for WW and Artifacts :)

    bestbazikon do i remember it wrong or didn’t you get banned and punished for something on com3? If so, what was it for?

    yes , but it wasnt about the ban , my army and raid was my biggest hope :) i manged my friends account . they were in another side as well but they saw it as multi account :|

    hahahahahahaha. you already cannot compete even before the internet is down.

    I don't really understand what you are talking about.

    i`m playing s6 , JustForFun :)

    OMG! The world best raider, bestbazikon is back!!!

    Quit com3, quit com2 and now he is in com6??!!

    Most probably will just rage quit after he found out that he can't compete in the server.

    hahaha fair , i quite com3 because of spiking , i just couldnt handle it .

    and com2 , as you my you know , i`m from IRAN and we didint had internet for about 10 days :D so thats about com2 :P how you can play a server when you cant access to it for 10 days ?

    yes i`m in ts6 :) and looking for a good alliance

    Little surprise coming up soon from NW stay updated & please re do the list

    so what was the suprise ?

    there is no need to invite everybody to alliances and keep them up for nothing , most of them will leave the game and just leave their account for deff and multi account and .... and 10 good players is better than 60 random players :)

    top10 is interesting too , what do you think about that ?