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    Didnt wanted to this but this is the players you are talking about , i’m really really happy i got to know them before trusting them 100%..

    i have 100000 messages like this and now they join you and they are your friends ?? That is funny 😂😂

    Just be careful TW 🙏

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    The people who joined you are a disgrace for IRANIANS people everywhere :) they insulted you guys throw out the game , from the day 1 and they even cant keep a promise to their friends ( me ) at least i thought they are my friends :))) , i did everything for them , stayed up 24/7 for them and this is how they repay me ? i dont care about travian when people do things like this :)

    I have much respect for COT , BADGUYS ( excellent Planing ) , Some TW players like your self but i dont have respect for RATS and SNEAKS like GODFATHER , VORUJAK and other players who only cares about them self .

    i didint find a good friends this server but its ok , i may never play travian again , if this is travian , i hate it :) .

    Hello sadegh how are you ?

    please dont say things like this , you know me and you know us .

    i didint know COT before this server , but when i give my word to someone i stand by it . the people who joined you are sneak you know why ? they took over my alliance , alliance i worked for , i care for all of them , and eveytime anybody asked for deff , me and COT gave them all they wanted , can you please tell me the name of that player?

    you are playing with players who said worst things about you , do you want to see the pictures ? hear the voices ? i can share them with you

    i remember a time when in TRAVIAN.IR ( IRAN ) servers would not allow you to register because it was full :) that was a good day . i remember a time when we had up to 10 active wings of alliance in each of the sides . lets be honest , with all of the new mobile games , travian is slowly dying , and i dont like that . ive been playing travian for so long and i love the game and i want to keep playing it even more but in the new servers , when you reach artifact times there are under 200-300 active players and thats not good .

    if it makes server better and brings more people gather , i think you have 100 % do it

    another great attack from my friend , " rough "

    its funny , you dont know anything about ZAKHAR alliance and still talk like this :)

    our alliance is not an iranian alliance , yes i`m from IRAN , but 90 % of the players and other leaders are from all over the world . :D and what did iranian did to you my friend that you are so angry with them ?


    If the Iranian players were good, they would be strong on their own 😞

    Iranian players didint came to this server as a team :) next server we will show you guys the true power of iranian players and dont forget something :D 1600 gold , is worth 1 month of a average iranian worker , so another reason why we cant be strong is that

    No im not ...

    Why Zakhar joined north east ? Do they know what happen after north east beat other sides ?

    i think it make unbalanced server

    why we joined NE , thats a good question , we wanted to form a good alliance With DE first , but they have no respect for us :) thats why we had to join NE to become stronger , i wanted to have a unite side but i just couldnt do it :(

    lol mention your account name here and then talk so we know u have have guts to do rather then just talk in here and bad in game i don’t want to talk more about my game play here I am playing decent and not in hurry

    that is how i do things , i first show you , then i talk in here :)

    It’s to early to talk about WW yet & as far now people are busy simming and thinking about 3 rd villa & about Alliance merge we have good deff team and off too yet many perfect experienced people too some with 9 years and feels good all play as team..

    i`m thinking about 5th village :P :D

    thats true but i dont see any activity in my side , and thats kinda sad for me , i hope later i will find a good alliance to join and we could go for WW and Artifacts :)