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    bestbazikon do i remember it wrong or didn’t you get banned and punished for something on com3? If so, what was it for?

    yes , but it wasnt about the ban , my army and raid was my biggest hope :) i manged my friends account . they were in another side as well but they saw it as multi account :|

    hahahahahahaha. you already cannot compete even before the internet is down.

    I don't really understand what you are talking about.

    i`m playing s6 , JustForFun :)

    OMG! The world best raider, bestbazikon is back!!!

    Quit com3, quit com2 and now he is in com6??!!

    Most probably will just rage quit after he found out that he can't compete in the server.

    hahaha fair , i quite com3 because of spiking , i just couldnt handle it .

    and com2 , as you my you know , i`m from IRAN and we didint had internet for about 10 days :D so thats about com2 :P how you can play a server when you cant access to it for 10 days ?

    yes i`m in ts6 :) and looking for a good alliance

    Little surprise coming up soon from NW stay updated & please re do the list

    so what was the suprise ?

    there is no need to invite everybody to alliances and keep them up for nothing , most of them will leave the game and just leave their account for deff and multi account and .... and 10 good players is better than 60 random players :)

    top10 is interesting too , what do you think about that ?

    Hello guys

    my name is rasam and i play on bestbazikon account on ts3

    you can see my account , its one of the best in the server and top raider since week 4 ( gaul ) .

    but i cant buy gold because of where i live and i need someone to support me and play with me

    if anybody is interested send me skype username or whatsapp phone number and i will contacnt them

    thank you

    Hello to everybody here at travian forum .

    my name is rasam and i`m a raider in the game . i came back playing in .com after my server IR (IRAN SERVERS ) shut down .

    there has been some problems with raiding such as spiking that was dealt with in the new version but i have a another problem with raiding and i`m loosing so much troops to it .

    i dont believe in raiding natars because its not worth it really at some point and i only add villages to my farm list , the annoying part is when the villages turn into natar all of the sudden and they build troops and lose troops .

    if they were a system that when villages turn into natar they be deactivated or moved to another farmlist automaticly , it would be great for me and other raiders or something like that .

    please tell me what you thing and made travian operators see this message

    thank you all .

    you can my account right now on ts3 : bestbazikon