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The applications for the 🔥 Legends on Tour 2020 - Summit 🔥 are open.

If you think you would be a good fit to represent one of these communities Anglosphere, Balkans, France, Germany, International COM, Italy, Lusobrasilero or Russia, read all the details and submit your application.

➡️ More information here ⬅️

If your community is not between the selected one, but you still want to provide your input for the event, feel free to visit and participate in the discussion on the International forum.

    As long as you answer him, he will continue. Ignoring him is the only way. We all know he's lying...probably even his own team knows it or they don't bother reading the forum so they don't see the lies. THC is lying as well with their denial of a confed and coordinated attacks that have gone on for most of the server. I don't see their need to lie, but some people can't be happy unless they're stirring it up. Don't be stirred. Laugh, roll your eyes, and move on with your day.

    I agree these kind of comments deter people from playing. I remember when we congratulated each other on a good hit, or a good defense. I remember rooms that all alliances were in where we joked, had fun and made friends with the people we were fighting. Don't let these guys ruin that for us. Play our game our way and have fun. That's how we win :)

    I think Mindfreak IS Kazah...always writing to agree with himself. A forum "tech friend" if you will. I don't know why you guys keep responding to these trolls. Just ignore them and maybe they'll go away. Kazah contradicts his lies so often it's impossible to keep up with and I, for one, am tired of reading it. Share logs, talk amongst ourselves, but ignore the BS. I'm not even sure what Kazah is doing here if RU servers are so much better. We can only hope he returns to their superior play next year.